"Unrequited Love"
By: Milan Nelson

Unrequited love is the source of my problems.
It is also the thing which I live by.
Love is such a delicate thing,
Much like a rose.
It has its thorns that can hurt you.
It has its petals, which are charming and wonderful.
Too many times have I been pricked by the thorns of love.
Loyalty and trust go into love.
I am loyal to the one I love, even though they do not know it.
They never must.
To share this would be much like siging a death wish.
Trust is the foundation for all relationships.
I have entrusted the one I love with my heart.
And again, they must not know it.
Why I must suffer, I will never know.
Disapproval of my unrequited love is the worst.
It tears my heart to pieces.
Pieces that can never be mended in any way.
The one I love is taken, and yet I still love.
How is it that the fates can be so cruel?
I have done nothing but do well, and I am tortured for it.
Fate be kind to me.
I am nothing but a novice learning the game.
My heart is innocently bound to that one.
The one I show unrequited love for.