Every time you fall to pieces over some rhetorical religious disagreement….they own you.

Every day you come home late from work and your child's already asleep…they won.

Every time you remember the campfire smell of a vacation you can't afford…they own you.

Every day you sit in front of the news and don't question what you see….they won.

Every time you repeat the redundant propaganda from the same talking heads…they own you.

Every day you walk into the office confused by why you make more yet have less…they won.

Every time you ask your doctor about the medications on the commercials….they own you.

Every day you know that something is wrong but you go along with it…they won.

Every day you pay into the monopolies of the nameless institutions…they own you.

And every day…every day… you mindlessly hook yourself up to this machine and call it living.