I was sitting in my room; my face still bright red and my friend laying on the floor laughing

I was sitting in my room; my face still bright red and my friend laying on the floor laughing.

I sighed. "If you don't laughing soon I swear you're going to wet your pants."

Caroline sat up; "I know but…" she burst out laughing again.

"Yes I walked into him – I don't see why you're finding this so funny!"

She gave me a look, "You walked into a hot guy – only wearing a towel – and almost drop that said towel. You both turned so red I thought you were about to become tomatoes or beetroots – and you ask me why I'm finding this so funny?"

I groaned and put my head in my hands. "How was I meant to know he would be in the corridor? Only fathers go passed the foyer – and even they aren't really meant to! The only good thing is I don't know who he is!"

"Tegan Sita's brother"

I glared at her. "Caroline – I didn't want to know who he is!"

She grinned. "Oops, I thought you wanted to know who he is – you did try to flash him!"

"I did not! He walked into me – it's not my fault! He wasn't meant to be there!"

She grinned wider, "He was there – whether he was meant to be or not, and there's nothing you can do about it now."

I slid off the bed, "Lets go see if Bec's back yet."

I don't think Caroline's smile could have been any bigger but I wasn't going to ask her what she was so happy about now.

"Hurry up Caroline!" I yelled over my shoulder – for some one who had been so excited to go to the foyer she was moving pretty slowly. I turned – probably not the smartest thing to walk down stairs sideway because you walk into people and end up tumbling down the stairs ending up with that person on top of you – like I just did.

"Zoey! I didn't think you were that desperate!"

Oh the joys of having Caroline as a friend. I looked up into the most amazing eyes I have ever seen – brown almost black eyes… what I would do to have eyes like that!

Uh oh – God must be laughing his head off – why would he be so mean as to make me walk into the same person twice in one day?

After a moment he didn't make any moves to get off me. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah – though I think I might get a couple of bruises."

He still wasn't getting off me.

"Um…can you please get off me?"

"Wha-? Ooops sorry…sure." He half stuttered as he tried to get up.

"Daniel! What are you doing?!"

We scrambled up as she (I'm guessing that that's Mrs Sita) strode towards us. "It's ok – it was my fault I wasn't watching and accidentally knocked him down the stairs…"

She laughed, "Knocked over by a tiny thing like you? Not my Daniel!"

My chin when up – I don't think people should be judged by their appearance or physical build – and started to give her a piece of my mind.

Daniel POV

"Um…can you please get off me?"

Shit! I hadn't realised that I was still on top of her! I know that sounds hard to believe but I was captured by her; when you first saw her – if you noticed her – she looks plain; one of the people you would overlook without a second thought but I noticed her for quite a few reasons: she walked into me only wearing a towel (I can't say many girls have tried that approach before…), when she almost dropped that towel she turned the most beautiful shade of pink, then she smiled – I have never seen a most perfect smile – it took over her entire face and made her look so beautiful! And I can say that no girl has ever pushed me down stairs – except maybe Tegan…

"Daniel! What are you doing?"

Uh oh – Mum. She was going to think that this is my newest girlfriend and mock her – it's a test if she stands up for herself then Mum likes her – hasn't happened yet…

The girl – I think the other girl called her Zoey? – and I scrambled up. "It's ok – it was my fault I wasn't watching and accidentally knocked him down the stairs…"

I turned to her shocked then turned back to my Mum shaking my head franticly. She smirked – too late. "Knocked over by a tiny thing like you? Not my Daniel!"

Zoey's chin went up and gave my Mum a lecture about not judging a book by it's cover/people by their physical build. She didn't – not once – during the lecture raise her voice at all.

At the end of it a huge smile sprang onto my mother's face. "Finally you've found a keeper!"

"What?" Zoey looked really confused.

Just then Tegan bounced down the stairs. "Why didn't you tell me that you were dating a girl from my school?!"

The confusion on Zoey's face cleared up, "Um – we aren't dating. I only met him today – only learnt his name when you called out actually." She explained to Mum.

Mum's face fell then she smiled slightly, uh oh. "Well are you going out with anyone?"

Zoey raised her eyebrows. "Not that that is any of your business…"

"She's not!" Caroline interrupted.

"Caroline what have I told you about not intruding into private conversations?" Zoey sighed.

"What have you told me about telling the truth and not with holding it?" her friend replied.

Zoey just looked at her – it wasn't even a glare. "Yeah yeah ok I'm sorry," her friend muttered.

"You're going to make a great mother one day…and I know the perfect man to raise that family with!" Why didn't God make my mother a mute?

"Let me guess – would his name be Daniel?" Zoey asked. "Anyway thanks for the offer but I want to choose the man I'm going to marry and I think I'll wait a couple of years before I do that – you know being fourteen and all."

Both my Mother and Tegan sighed.

"She's so perfect for you!" Tegan let slip – thankfully once we were out of the boarding house and had reached the car.

A month later I received a text message from an unknown number. Apparently Tegan had given Zoey my number and told her to text me...and when she refused she threatened her – what can I say? Like mother like daughter.

Tegan teases me about it now – saying that she is the reason we got together. Whenever she mentions it I threaten to not let her see her niece and nephews. My mum was right about one thing – Zoey did make a good Mum and I think I made a pretty good husband.