This is my first story that i have ever felt comfortable with. Please don't try and copy it. And if there already is one out there like mine, tell me and i'll take mine off. But i doubt there is. So just tell me what you think. I really want to know if it's any good. Read on...

You know how in stories there is usually a girl who is a complete nerd that everyone makes fun of but she is best friends with the most popular girl in school? Either that or she is a loner with no friends at all. Yeah. This isn't like that. I'm the biggest loser my school has ever had. If you take the loser from your school multiply them by 20, add 7, then give them the coolest shoes in the world, that would be me. And by coolest shoes in the world, I mean my shoes that have speakers and actually play c.d.'s…although I can't ever wear them outside because I'm too paranoid that they might break. So instead I wear my brother's old shoes. Yes they smell, but it's not like anyone's going to come up to me and say, "Can I smell your feet?" No one would come up to me anyways because no one ever talks to me. Yes, a typical story of a loner again. But, what's different is that my story is completely pointless. Plus I talk to myself all the time so that creeps people out a bit. Only one person can really stand me and that is my best-est-est-estiest friend, Nicky. And no, she is a geek-a-sarus like me. My story is really just going on in my head. It would be awesome if someone would read it but if they did I would have to come up with some witty dialogue between me and my pet fish and make myself less of a klutz. And no, this is not one of those things where the most popular guy in school makes my life a living H-E-double bendy straws.

La-di-da-di-da-di…"Ouch!" I yell. Grreeaatt. Now everyone is looking weirdly at me again. What genius decided to put lockers in school? Didn't they know they are a health-hazard. I stub my toe on them every time I walk past one. And what's up with garbage cans?

"OUCH!" What was that? That one was definitely not me that time. I look up from the floor to see…well people obviously. What else am I supposed to see? A rainbow? Mini-me? But, wait, there is someone new. It's a guy. I mean, the new person is a guy. It's are for objects and animals. Wait Katy, focus. The new guy, whom I shall call "That New Kid," (remarkable isn't it?) has shaggy black hair, such tight pants that I'm surprised he can yell "ouch" in such a deep voice, and the most amazing blue eyes I have ever seen. Oh well, time for chemistry.

So I walk slowly into my chemistry class. I'm mixin' things up today—they should call me DJ.

"Hello Katy. How is your day so far?" asks Mr. Guy, my chemistry teacher.

"I just woke up. How do you think my day is going?" I respond. "Huh…good point…" and the conversation ends.

Thank goodness. It's so awkward talking to teachers. They're here to teach, not talk about the latest Batman movie. Speaking of, doesn't it sound good? Too bad that guy died…what was his name again…?

"OUCH!" there goes that voice again. "Stop standing on my foot you cactus," yelled that new kid.

I looked up to see who he was talking too. This ought to be funny. I was ready to laugh. But I couldn't find him or who he was talking to. So…I sat down. "Finally, thank you. Geez, how much do you weigh anyway," asked the new kid.

I really should find out his name. Wait. Hold on a second. Was he talking to me? Gosh darn it…he was. He is, I meant.

"Heh…um…I don't know…erm…Hey what's your name? So far I know you as "That New Kid." Sad I know, but I never really was that creative to begin with. That's why I'm taking art-" he cut me off. That meanie. No one cuts off Katy…what is my last name again? Katy…Katy Johnson. There we go. No one cuts off Katy Johnson!

The new kid just looked at me like I was insane. Eh, I get it often enough not to care. So I just shrugged and opened my doodling book. So far there's not that much in it…except doodles…what's that annoying sound? It sounds like snapping turtles. Or snapping fingers, whatever floats your boat.

"Hey, hey. HhhheeelllllllllooO. Do you need a pencil? WAKE UP LADY!" yelled , aka the new kid. The names just get better and better don't they? But back to reality.

"Um, no. I don't need a pencil. I'm using one right now you cow. Really, when I'm in doodling mood, you don't snap, okay? It's a fact. Look it up on wiki. Or I'll go all kung-pow on your butt," I snapped. Really, when you get me mad, I break out the guns.

"Okay…I'll pretend I know what you're talking about. So anywho, my name is Eric. Eric Bana." He responds.

Anywho? Who says anywho? Wait. Why does Eric Bana sound familiar…

"You were in Troy! Wow. I mean I know they use make up in movies but I didn't know they used THAT much. I didn't know you looked so…well…wimpy. And I thought you had brown, curly hair. Not straight and scene. Which is weird that in itself that I know what scenies look like…I'm going to stop talking now because that blank stare of yours is freaking me-" cut off, again. Is there no end to all the poop that I have to put up with?

"Are you seriously that dense? No, I'm not Eric Bana. My name is Jordan Karley. What's your's? Not that I really care. You're just the only person to talk to me so far…" he says.

"The names Johnson. Katy Johnson. Put her th-HEY! If you flip my initials, they become your initials. KJ to JK. Haha. Your initials mean just kidding. What a nerd. Woops. I meant to keep that little "nerd" comment in my head. It slipped out. Eh, it happens. Too bad, so sad. Wait, isn't that what someone else should be saying to me…?" There he goes with that blank stare again. Gosh, it's like talking to a watermelon which, believe me, is very boring. All they do is look green and red-ish. Who wants to talk to something green and red-ish? It sounds like some kind of demented Christmas tree, and no one wants that. Wait, it sounds like someone's talking again. I really should stop zoning out like that. I've heard it can take up to two years off your life. Wait, I'm doing it again.

"Hey, anybody in there. Knock on desk?"

Can you believe he actually knocked on my desk? What a freak.

"Yes I'm here. And stop doing that. It's so annoying being with someone…well…annoying. Why can't you go talk to some normal people?"

"Did you just insult yourself?"

"Yeah. It happens a lot. If you don't like it, then go suck a lollipop. It hurts if you bite those. I almost chipped a tooth-"

"That's what she said!"

"What? That you shouldn't bite…?"

"Heh…You just ruined it. Way to go there Sparky."

"Are you serious? Sparky? What's that supposed to be?"

"Your new nick name."

"You suck at nick names. Really, why couldn't I be The Incredible Mr. K?"

"Mr. K?"

"I meant Mrs. K…"

"Oh so now you're married?"

"GAH! Is there no end to this, you idiotic hot dog!"

"Hot dog? I would have thought you would have said-"

"FINE! You're going to make me say the d-word you…you…DICK! You're so mean…wait…why are you laughing at me?"

"This is one of the funniest conversations that I've ever had in my life."

"Really. I always figured myself for a Carlos Mencia but usually no one laughs…Okay…Now you can stop. Really, what it so funny? This is getting annoying. If you don't stop right now I'll go all Chuck Norris on your butt!" Can you believe that just made him laugh harder? Seriously, I don't get what's so funny. Is there a red fro on my head that I'm not aware of? I reached up to check and alas, there was no wig atop my gorgeous brown pony tail (not so gorgeous but more of a log of poop sticking out of my head)…and of course little Jordan over there took this the wrong way…

"Aww. Trying to pretty yourself up for little old me? I'm flattered and all but your not exactly my type…"

"First of all ew. Boys have cooties. No. Don't say anything. That's how I see the world. Accept it. And secondly, how can you have a type? You're just some high school kid. You don't exactly have the most experience in the world." Oh goodness. He winked. AND he had this cocky smirk plastered on his face…it was…well…cocky. What did you expect?

"I have more experience than you think. And, for your information, BOY is my type."

Imagine one of those Loony Toon characters when they realize they're about to be run over by a train. That was me. Why? Because I've never met a gay guy before. COOL! I personally don't swing that way. Or, for that matter, the other way. Although, now that I think of it, my future does look pretty bleak. DINSIDBBFHSBF Oh goodie. Class starts 3-2-1…actually it started when the bell rang. So what if I'm off by a minute or so? Hey, look there's people. And I think they heard that little…preference…comment made by Jordan over there. How do I know this? Because they're openly staring right at him. How else would someone like me pick up on that unless it was as obvious as an elephant in the middle of the classroom?