Chapter 5

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When people started arriving for the concert, Chuckert decided it wasn't as scary as he thought it would be. He thought about how great it was to not be homeless anymore and told the band.

"Man, it is great to no longer be homeless, "he told the band. "I king f miss Fred, my pet cockroach I found while looking for rats to eat. He would always keep me so….optimistic about what was ahead in my life. I was very sad when that rabbit man ate him."

Confused and puzzled the band ignored Chuckert and continued what they were previously doing before Chuckert started to talk. They busy band mates were both saddened and disgusted by this story but because they were only half listening, they didn't really care.

As the concert hall filled in, Chuckert was getting anxious again.

"What are we singing?! How do I sing?! Why am I pacing!?" he bellowed with fright.

All these questions were swiftly answered when he found out the stadium as packed with women, children, and men. There were so many people it was being broadcast all over the world by the world's biggest antennas.

'WOW' he thought thoughtfully, 'that's a lot of people.'

While singing a song he found while asking what to sing he found the crowd loved him and he thought 'Hey! This crowd loves me! It's almost like they are hypnotized!' But little did he know the crowd was exactly that. Chuckert now had powers that hypnotized anyone who heard his songs. Chuckert was now about to go for the adventure of a lifetime. He was going to be the star. When he saw they were hypnotized he quickly dropped the microphone and ran offstage not caring who saw. Because before he ran off, he had noticed. The crowd had gone completely silent.

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