Over by

Summary: Oneshot – She had done nothing wrong, but it didn't matter. He had and now it was over.

All of a sudden,

She cracked.

She had been so close to cracking for so long,

Until one day,

She did.

In the first year she dated him,

They had been the perfect love story.

But that was until he changed.

She had had enough of him.

She couldn't put up with him.

She gave him everything,

And most importantly,

Her heart.

But what did he give her?

Absolutely nothing.

She had truly loved him.

She told him the same three words on numerous occasions.

I love you.

After two years of dating,

He never ever said it to her.

Not a single time.

She told him on the phone,

But he replied with nothing,

Except for the beeping of her telephone.

It was on the day of their two year anniversary,

When she cracked.

She hoped to at least receive a box of chocolates or a Hallmark card,

But when she checked her mail,

She was greeted with electricity bills.

And so,

She cracked.

She called him up and called him a

Fucking Son of a Bitch.

He sarcastically asked her what the special occasion was,

And for the first time ever,

It was reversed.

She hung up on him.

She wondered what she did to deserve this.

She wondered why he treated her like that.

She wondered why she let him hurt her like that.

She asked herself so many questions,

None that she could ever answer.

She remembered how he once was,

And why she had dated him in the first place.



And caring.

Like she was the one person he cared about the most,

The person he wanted to spend the rest of eternity with.

That night when he met her at the conference,

Maybe he had just been putting on an act.

What happened to make him a cold hearted bitch?

One day she woke up to find him cooking her breakfast,

But the next day he turned around and gave her the cold shoulder.

At first she scolded herself for doing something wrong,

But deep down inside, she knew she hadn't.

After that, he never really looked at her.

Only ever looking to glare at her with hate,

Or to slap her on her cheeks.

He no longer whispered loving compliments in her ear.

His voice was cold as ice,

And instead he snapped at her,

Like she had caused trouble or pain,

But on the contrary, she had done nothing.

Not a single thing wrong.

But it didn't matter.

He had,

And now it was over.

Author's Note - I thought I'd try something new, and here it is! :)