I wish I had the courage

I wish I had the courage

To tell you how I feel

But the fear inside my heart

It makes this all too real.

I know that I am hurting you

By keeping you in the dark

But the truth that I am not telling

Will leave such a gruesome mark.

I fear that you will crumble,

And not be able to see past the pain.

I hope that you can stay strong,

And stay standing in the rain.

You were always there for me,

But I cannot be there for you,

My heart longs for other arms,

This is what I have to do.

I pray that you can forgive me,

And we can work this out,

I wish that we could still be together,

But I can't get through all my doubt.

Be strong for me,

But be stronger for you,

I know that you can do this,

I know you'll make it through.