Member Challenge - Bubblegum

by Teilse


1) Opening line must be: "He hated the way she popped her bubblegum."

2) MC must be male and the story must be told through a male point of view.

3) Setting must be in high school.

4) Use of cliched high school stereotype for both characters, i.e. the rebel and the nerd, the druggie and the cheerleader etc. However, these stereotypes must be employed creatively and in a way so that the stereotypes are not the main focus of the story.


1) Romance; the end result of the story does not have to be a couple.

2) A love-hate relationship.

He hated the way she popped her bubblegum. He hated the way she tied her hair. He even hated the way she blinked!

He hated that she was in his seat. He hated that she wouldn't listen to him. He hated that she stood up to him.

But most of all, he hated the way he couldn't stop thinking about her.

The first time he saw her in detention, he was mildly surprised. After all, a girl like Casey Ridges didn't get detention. He had seen her around school before and knew the type of girl she was.

Casey Ridges was a nerd; a huge nerd. She used words like plethora and advocacy in daily speech. She wore oversized jumpers and wore plastic rimmed glasses. She wore white socks with black shoes.

The first time he saw her in detention, Casey Ridges was in his seat. Figuring her to be the type to be easily intimidated, he strode up to her, not even trying to look remotely frightening.

"Get off my seat, Ridges," he told her, without looking.

What she said next shocked him more than finding out that from his younger brother that dogs couldn't eat chocolate.

She told him, "When you talk to someone, I suggest you look at them. It's not very polite otherwise."

He glanced at her. "Who d-"

She continued, "Secondly, please and thank you can take you a long way. Ah, don't give me that look. Just because you have about a dozen holes on your face for your ridiculous piercings, it doesn't mean you can just command someone to do something to your liking."

"Besides, I like it here. If I'm going to be spending the rest of the week here after school, it might as well be in a seat of my choice. You want to sit here? Come earlier next time."

Looking away, she took a packet of gum out of her pocket and stuffed one into her mouth, chewing furiously.

As usual, the teacher managing detention wasn't there. However, the students that were there gave Casey a somewhat respectful glance.

Not many stood up to Darren Conley and made it out alive. Granted, no girl had ever stood up to him.

He was livid. He had never been refused so boldly all his life. The worst part was, he didn't know what to do. He couldn't just give up his seat to her, but he couldn't fight back either.

"Are you done glaring at me already? It's rather disturbing having a large presence behind me," she started to say.

"You shut up," he responded menacingly before storming out of the room.

That was two days ago. After some persuasion, he discovered from a junior that Casey had detention for wounding a student. She would have gotten away with a warning, if the student hadn't ended up in the hospital. Apparently, he was trying to grope her best friend and she punched him in the gut.

The boy got suspended but Casey had to put up with detention for seven days.

Yet again, it shocked him that such a mild looking girl could display such acts of violence.

Glancing at her from his seat in the corner of the room, he could see her blowing her gum and popping it. She made him furious. Yet he wanted to know all about her.

Darren didn't want the seven days to end.

But still, he really hated how she popped her bubblegum.