Life's Shadow

C'est la vie, thats what they say,
But hasn't it always been that way?
Life is life, that's what it is,
And that is what you have to deal with.

Does it have to be so? Is it that way?
Why can't there be a brighter day?
It doesn't have to be like this,
But if we change what will we miss?

Not a lot, or quite a bit,
Why just wait around and sit,
There is life and then it's shadow,
A brand new hope for a better tomorrow?

What is it? And do we know?
Should we just carry on with the flow?
"Life is better" but who says that?
"It is worse"... you're wearing the same hat.

Life is bad? How do you know?
Twisted undead shreds of life's shadow,
Shadows are dark? A singular sight,
Life's sweet shadow could be the light!