Billiam the Bard's Adventures Part Three:

Once again we join our heroes on their epic trip

This was after they got a hot tip

The king was looking for men to help on a quest

But first the applicants have to go through a test

They must journey into the woods to find a special berry

So our heroes left for the woods without tarry

Over the Hill and Through the Woods

"Hey Jumbles?" Billiam queried, "What kind of berry are we looking for exactly."

"I don't know." Said Jumbles, "All I know is it's guarded by a wolf and his human companion."

"I smell a fight a'brewin." Said Sir. Logue,

"The king said that we should be able to find it pretty easily." Said Jumbles

"Right well I think it is red and twenty feet high." Said Billiam

"That's the most ridicules thing I've ever heard, why would you possibly think that."

"I don't know it's just a guess." Said Billiam

After hours of walking they decided to take a break, but out of nowhere came a voice. "Where's Wally?"

"Well you see the point of the book is to find him so if I told you where he is it would spoil it for you." Said Billiam

"Not Waldo, Wally" said the voice

"Hey who said that?" Jumbles asked

"Me" said the voice; Jumbles looked around and saw nothing. Then he looked down and saw a wolf with a dumb expression on his face wagging his tail. "Um this is going to sound stupid but did you say that by chance."

"Yeah." Stated the wolf

"I've seen weirder, like a guy that ate his own face." Said Sir Logue "But anyways who are you, and who is Wally."

"I'm Steve and Wally is my buddy." Said Steve

"You wouldn't happen to know of any twenty foot red berries would you?" asked Billiam

"No" said Steve "but my baby might."

"Um is Wally a girl wolf?"

"Wally, no he isn't a wolf and he isn't a girl, girls are icky." Said Steve "I killed a girl deer once, she tasted good. Not like my butt it tastes bad but I like liking it anyways." There was a long and very awkward silence.

"… Well it was nice meeting you but I think we should go now, we have to find a berry be it twenty feet or not." Said Billiam, they retreated hastily lest that wolf talk to them some more. While they were walking away they could here Steve yelling "Wally, Wally where are you Wally."

They were so busy trying to get away from the wolf that they went completely off the track. Being lost in the middle of a massive forest isn't the best situation to be in. They decided (after a long argument about the chances of seeing the wolf again) to go back the way they came, when they saw a man looking around nervously. "He's not following you is he?" asked the man

"Who?" said Sir Logue

"Steve" said the man

"You mean that wolf who likes to talk a lot." Said Billiam "No we've lost him awhile ago. So you must be Wally."

"Yeah, I can't keep that wolf away from me always saying "Wally look what I killed" "Wally I just had the biggest crap wanna see it?" I can't take it anymore." Said Wally "The name is Walston by the way Walston Worthingsworth."

"You sound rich." Jumbles said

"Yes I was once my father was Charles Worthingsworth, but I was bored of rich life. You never get to do anything so I ran away and got lost in this forest" said Walston "That's when Steve found me."

"Anyway we are looking for a berry, for the king." Said Billiam

"Oh yes, you mean the twenty foot high red berry, that's by where me and Steve live."

"I knew it!" said Billiam

"Steve thinks it's his baby so you are going to have a hard time getting it." Said Walston "But, I can get it for you all you have to do is get me out of here. I have had enough of adventuring I just want to be rich again."

"Alright but if it really is twenty foot high then we are going to have trouble getting it." Said Jumbles

"Not really it has several little berries growing out of it that you can take." Said Walston, one hour later Walston came back with a sack full of berries.

"How did you get those, I thought Steve would protect them?" wondered Billiam

"I just told Steve I was taking them for a walk." Said Walston, so our heroes got out of the woods, said their goodbyes to Walston Worthington and gave the berries to the king. So thus ends the third part of the series of Billiam the Bard.