This is my most recent piece and it won a contest, don't really know why but anyway, unlike my other poems which suck so badly I'm ashamed, I wrote this on the morning I found out she died from breast cancer. I feel horrible about her two sons and husband. She was a sweet and kind woman who was always laughing and baking sweets for others. In Memory of Kim, may she rest in peace and live happily in heaven...

Withered Remnants

Once a sunflower so vibrant and beaming
Her petals constantly searched for the sun
Her spreading roots had stretched forward
Into our lives, she created stability
Our anchor in a sea of surprises

All too soon, a storm of infection swept forth
Her vivacity, gradually diluted by pain
Dimmed beneath the sands of time
Until finally, the ultimate breath of life
Slowed to a halt of haunting peace

Blissful images and melodious laughter
Flood and swarm our shocked minds
Despite her abandoned shell and departed soul,
The lingering presence of her simple essence
Seep through the cracks of our numbed thoughts

Dams barricading tears tremble violently
Against the ramming demands of pain
As our bodies quake with the heaves of grief
The deadened sensations of emptiness creep silently
And ambush our vulnerable beings

With our bodies limp and hearts barely beating,
We neither have sight nor direction
Blind to happiness and love: the world in shades of grey
Now inadequate to fulfill the gift of life,
We are on the brink of insanity

With a disturbing lull settling within,
A rebellion rages outside,
No longer are we alone in mourning
The wind howls angrily and the clouds send forth bullets
Detached, we float listlessly in this harmonized tempest