I tried so hard,

To be the boss.

The number one,

The only hoss.

I lived my life,

With shrouded shame.

Till I found my soul,

Losing the game.

As god is my,

Ultimate defender.

The control,

I won't surrender.

A turn of chance,

I roll the dice.

"go directly to jail",

Not so nice.

When I'm out,

I'm a little humbled,

But not enough, as I continue to stumble.

A life of death,

Is what I'm living.

As my sins,

Are the words I'm giving.

As defeat,

Is hermes sender.

I scream out loud,

"I'll never surrender!"

A lesson of learning,

I need to know.

As my life's yearning,

Wanting to go.

In the darkness,

My life is leading.

Loosing my larkness,

As my soul is bleeding.

As my demise,

The world is loading.

My untimely death,

Your mouth is goading.

As my life,

Is burning to cinders.

I need to learn,

To just surrender.