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Summary: Life can get complicated when you have to juggle between going to high school, being a superhero and getting a boyfriend.

Diary Of A Superhero: Chapter 1.

Saturday, September 18, 2032

My name is Zack Flint and I'm 17. I have short dark hair and my eyes are brown. I'm starting this diary because my shrink advised me to. No, I'm not crazy, that's not why I have a shrink. I don't even really have a shrink, actually. This is just common routine for new superheroes…

Okay, I bet I sound even more crazy now.

So, she gave me this notebook and told me that writing down my thoughts would help because my life could turn confusing very soon. I'm not sure that'll help at all. In fact, this sounds completely ridiculous. But I like writing, so I thought this could be fun. Yes, probably more fun than helpful.

Today was probably one of the most important days of my life. I went to the Headquarters to enrol. This building is impressive. I had already passed in front of it before, but I had never been inside. It is strictly reserved for superheroes. And now I'm part of them. Woohoo!

I've been able to control electricity since I was 13. Actually, I've had a power over electricity since I was 13 and I've been able to control it (almost) properly since I was 15. But that's just a minor detail. Okay, maybe the headmaster wouldn't have said that after the school had to be shut down for two days when my power misbehaved. Some cables melted and nothing worked any more. But nobody knows it was my fault, so it's fine.

The Headquarters said that my power would be very useful. They'll contact me as soon as they find me some partners. Apparently, it won't take too long since they have several people on the waiting list, so hopefully some of them will have powers complementing mine and we'll form a good team. This is all so exciting!

Wednesday, September 22

No news from the Headquarters. I'm so impatient to meet my partners.

Jim, Madison and I skipped the school meal and went to have lunch outside. Who'd want to eat food there every day? It's eatable, but not much more than that. Anyway, we've been talking of going to the movies on Saturday. We're in the same class and we're hanging out quite a lot. It's cool.

Saturday, September 25

I haven't heard from the Headquarters yet. I'm getting fidgety. What if I have to wait for several months before they contact me? After all, if they have several people on that waiting list, these people must have been waiting for a long time already. I don't think we're that many people with powers in North City.

As planned, I went to the movies with Jim and Madison. We saw "Chronicles of the Fire Circle" and it was great! Really action-packed! Madison didn't seem as enthusiastic as Jim and I. Girls…

Thursday, September 30

Still no news from the Headquarters. Maybe I should go there. No, of course not. That would probably make me look like a brat or something. But this is taking too long! I want to know!

Stupid Sean Newton got the best mark on the maths paper. Like Jim says, that guy probably spends all his time studying. He doesn't even have friends. Otherwise, I would have had that best mark. I'll beat him next time!

Friday, October 1

The Headquarters called! Yay! I'm so happy! I have a meeting tomorrow with my new partners. I hope we'll get along fine.

During lunch, Madison talked to us about that romance movie she watched last night on TV. It sounded boring. She's really cool but she has no taste in movies. Jim and I will try to do something for her, but I fear it's hopeless.

Saturday, October 2

Today was awesome! I went to the Headquarters and they finally introduced me to my partners!

One is a girl. She's blond and her hair is very long. It practically comes down to her waist. Her name's Cleo. She can fly! How cool is that? And she's my age.

The other one is a boy: Alejandro. He's a bit older, he's 20. He is very strong, but he doesn't look like it. Well, it's his power, so that's not really surprising. I don't exactly look like I could electrocute people. Think about it, I could have antennae with a little electric arc going on between them. That would not look good at all!

The Headquarters people explained to us that it was very important that we didn't reveal our identities to anyone (duh!), even to other superhero teams. It's the same in the Headquarters: for security reasons, there are very few people who can access our files. That explains why none of them gave us their names. I found that a little strange at the beginning, but that makes sense. They know all these secret identities, it wouldn't do that they end up kidnapped.

About that, we'll have to choose superhero names, as well as a name for the team. They said this will come afterwards, once we know a bit more about one another. Before, we have to take a series of training sessions together, in order to "have a better feel of each other's powers." I guess this is a coordination thing. It shouldn't be too difficult to register that Cleo can fly and that Alejandro is strong. See, I already remember it!

Tuesday, October 5

Guess who I saw at school today? Cleo!

I knew I had seen her somewhere before! She's in my high school! We've never been in the same class, and probably never even talked, which is why I didn't realise. She said I had looked familiar too. Well, now we know why.

This is such a big coincidence. Or maybe not. Maybe they did it on purpose. Anyway, it could help in the future.

Saturday, October 9

First session with the team! It was awesome! Even more than what I expected.

Cleo doesn't just fly, she has wings! Not actual feather wings, wings made of energy that pop off her back. And they don't even tear her clothes or anything, which is very practical, because if she needed a new costume every day, she'd end up ruined.

We haven't decided on our costumes yet. Like the names, they said it was something that came after the training sessions. I hope we'll look sexy in them.

Alejandro does get more muscles when he uses his powers. Nothing excessive, though. It doesn't make him look like a bodybuilder, which is good because bodybuilders aren't sexy at all.

He asked Cleo if he could touch her wings. She was okay with it and he mentioned that it felt strange, so of course I wanted to try. It was a very light sensation. From Alejandro's comments, I think it should have prickled, but my immunity to electricity probably makes me immune to her energy too.

Then, Alejandro wanted to touch my electricity. I had showed them the big arcs before, which are quite dangerous and certainly not supposed to be touched, so I showed them the little ones, that just go from one of my fingers to another. He put his hand on mine and took it away at once. He said it felt like a static shock, but it must have been more painful than that. I don't have that much control that I can make mere statics.

Cleo tried to touch it too, and I think it was less painful for her. Our energies are probably more or less compatible, even though they're of different types.

Tuesday, October 12

Madison is so good at drawing. Today, we were studying perspective in art class and we were supposed to draw a building. She added so many details, mouldings, shadows, it was beautiful. She could practically sell it. I'd say that Jim's drawing was the worst, but to be honest, mine was a little bit worse than his. Just a little bit.

I've been practicing my power. Not that I plan on having lots of people touching it for fun, but that's a good control exercise, and I never practise control too much.

Saturday, October 16

Today, Cleo lifted me into the air. That was awesome! She only did it for a minute, she clearly needs to work on her biceps. Pity that Alejandro can't fly, he wouldn't have problems carrying anyone. After taking a break, she also lifted him, and I'm sure he found it great too.

Then, we practised hand-to-hand combat, but it wasn't balanced at all. Poor Cleo, she stands no chance, even against me, and certainly not against Alejandro. At least we had a lot of fun. These guys are so cool!

Thursday, October 21

I can't wait to see the team. 2 more days! I've thought of a name, but I'm not writing it until we've discussed it. That would be bad luck. Not that I believe in these things, but you never know. I haven't even told Cleo, though we've talked a little this morning. I want Alejandro to be with us when we talk about this, that wouldn't be fair otherwise. It's not his fault he's already in college, the big guy.

Also, I aced that maths paper! Take that, Sean!

Saturday, October 23

I talked with the guys and they thought my name sounded cool! So, Thunderskin it will be! Woohoo!

Alejandro hasn't chosen one yet. He lacks inspiration.

Cleo said she had an idea, but that maybe it didn't sound serious enough. We had to tease her for five minutes before she talked. She's thinking of Butterfly. I think it suits her. She's not supposed to be the fearful member of our team, anyway. And she can always change in a few years if she wants a more impressive name. A lot of superheroes change names during their career. It's a little strange, but why not?

Tuesday, October 26

Jim, Madison and I had a delicious lunch at our usual place. It always feels good to escape the school meal.

I wonder if Alejandro has chosen a name yet.

Thursday, October 28

We got the results for last week's maths paper. Sean got one point more than I. One little point. I'm pissed!

Saturday, October 30

We tried hand-to-hand combat again. This is ridiculous, since Alejandro will always win, but we can't just stare at the walls during these training sessions.

Alejandro didn't have more inspiration than last week about his name, but Cleo said she had an idea for him. She asked if he wanted to know and he agreed. She suggested Stronghold. He said he'd think about it, but I could see his enthusiasm, so he'll probably keep it.

We also brainstormed for a team name. This practically took half an hour. At first, we didn't have any idea, and then, we had too many. We're probably going to choose The Hawks, but we decided to think about it during the week. Again, it was Cleo's idea. She wondered if it wouldn't be weird to be called Butterfly and to be part of The Hawks. Alejandro and I both liked the irony, so no problem here. We'll see what we decide next week.

We also talked about the costumes. We decided that cowls weren't very practical, especially for Cleo's hair, so we opted for eye masks. We also decided that we'd all have different colours, though in the same tone. Cleo chose dark red, Alejandro dark green and I dark blue. Anyway, you'd better be invincible if you want vivid colours, because that's not very good for discretion.

Wednesday, November 3

I chatted a little with Cleo at school today. It's hard not to talk about the team, but of course that would be bad for secrecy, so we talk about classes.

Later, Jim asked who my girlfriend was. What an idiot!

Saturday, November 6

Oh my God, the Headquarters said that we were an official team now!

They asked for our names and our costumes. We registered as The Hawks and Alejandro went with Stronghold. Cleo smiled at that. We also explained what costumes we wanted and they took our measurements. I feel like a movie star now. I can't wait to see the result!

To Be Continued.

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