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Diary Of A Superhero: Chapter 13.

Wednesday, June 8

Today, we started searching for Darkthread and Reflection. Well, we did a bit of patrolling last night too, after our discussion with The Wizards, but not for very long since it was already late. Tonight, we spent several hours moving through the city, watching for anything suspicious. The Wizards did the same in a different area, so that we could cover more territory. But we've found nothing so far and I'm exhausted. I'm going to sleep so deep I'm not sure I'll hear the alarm tomorrow morning. Well, I'm off to bed!

Thursday, June 9

I looked a bit tired today at school, but of course Sean looked as fine as usual. It's not that surprising considering The Wizards patrol practically every night. That's sure to give you a lot of stamina. Clearly, I need to train more.

"Tough night…" Sean half-asked, half-stated between two classes.

"I'd love to sleep for one more hour. No, make that two… And we're back to it tonight."

"Let's not talk about details," he replied, moving his head to refer to the students not too far around us.

"No specifics." I stopped for a second and chuckled. "It sounds like we're talking about something else entirely."

"What? Oh… Well, no specifics for that either," he answered with a smile.

As planned, we patrolled again tonight. Still no trace from Reflection and Darkthread. And no theft was mentioned in the newspapers, so apparently they're lying low for now. But I doubt that's going to last. They're probably preparing something.

Friday, June 10

We had been patrolling for about three hours without any success when Nightghost phoned me. The Wizards had noticed some light in a bank. At that time, it should be turned off. Of course, it might just be some employees working overtime, but it was worth investigating. We joined them as fast as we could. When we arrived, Nightghost told us that they had just witnessed the trunk of a car open and close on its own. We had our answer: Reflection was there, and Darkthread was most likely with him.

So we decided on our action plan. First, Nightghost would make us enter the building. This was the easy step. Then, we would need to engage the two villains. Considering our respective powers, it was decided that Nightghost, Eyeblink and I would team up against Reflection while Stronghold, Butterfly and Thinblade would fight Darkthread. Well, I wasn't worrying too much about Alejandro and Cleo. They already had experience against Darkthread. Now, Reflection was the wild element we knew nothing about.

We landed in front of the bank, more or less ready for the fight to come. Suddenly, Nightghost grabbed my arm. I started, surprised, but he didn't leave me time to realise what was happening. He just dragged me through the wall. It was really strange. Well, thinking about it was strange. Physically, I didn't feel anything different from walking through air, and the fake normalcy made the whole thing even weirder. Really, I should have tried Sean's power way before today. There's still so much I don't know about him.

Once Nightghost had let everybody in, we moved quietly in the direction of the lights. We were reaching the door to the next room when we heard footsteps. We placed ourselves in order to remain hidden to the newcomer as long as possible. It was Darkthread. She noticed us and reacted at once. A big desk flew in our direction, but Thinblade immediately threw gusts of wind that cut the wood into pieces. That didn't stop Darkthread: she kept moving most of the separate parts with her mind. Thinblade then threw a powerful gust that swept all the pieces away. I don't know in detail what happened afterwards, since Eyeblink, Nightghost and I left in search of Reflection.

Butterfly later told me that Stronghold attacked Darkthread, but she pushed him back with her power. Butterfly caught him in mid-air to keep him from getting injured. Thinblade could counter Darkthread with his wind, Stronghold had no such means, but Butterfly made up for it. From then on, Thinblade and Stronghold attacked Darkthread alternately until she had exhausted most of her energy. Finally, she was overpowered by Thinblade's wind and thrown violently into the wall. She fainted under the shock.

In the meantime, Nightghost, Eyeblink and I had entered the next room. I jumped when Eyeblink suddenly disappeared. I was decidedly not used to other people's powers. If Reflection was invisible, he could go around us perfectly unnoticed. Eyeblink was moving all over the room so fast that there was no way for Reflection to escape. Once we had secured that room, we moved to the next one. We then arrived to a corridor leading to the safe room, and finally to the safe room itself. It looked empty, but Eyeblink bumped into something, at a place where there didn't seem to be anything.

I prepared to throw electricity next to Eyeblink, where Reflection seemed to be, but Eyeblink turned invisible in a couple of seconds. How was I supposed to aim? Reflection had probably taken advantage of the confusion to move and I could hurt Eyeblink instead of him.

"Here! He's here!" Eyeblink exclaimed. The sound came from where he had disappeared, so that didn't really help me…

"Go ahead!" Nightghost told me.

"I can't! I'm going to electrocute Eyeblink."

"It's more important to catch Reflection right now," Nightghost replied.

"I beg to differ," Eyeblink protested.

I think I heard Reflection chuckle then, but unfortunately, that didn't help me locate him.

Nightghost started talking to me in a low voice: "Don't use your full power. Just enough to weaken Reflection without hurting Eyeblink. I know you can do it."

I was a bit hesitant, but I trusted Nightghost, so I followed his instructions.

"Ouch!" Eyeblink screamed with a little bit of exaggeration. Reflection was still invisible, but at least he had let go of Eyeblink, who was therefore visible again. He stepped back in order not to get caught again and pointed at Reflection's location. "There! Aim there!"

I threw a powerful electricity arc, but nothing happened. I tried again, a bit more to the left. Still nothing. Then, I threw several arcs at a time and it finally worked. Reflection appeared before us. He was wearing a light blue costume and a cowl. We didn't have much time to look at him, though. He flickered and disappeared again. But I now knew where to aim. I threw another powerful arc, and this time I didn't miss. Reflection reappeared and fell to the ground.

When we went back to the first room, carrying Reflection's unconscious body, the others had just beaten Darkthread. We called the Headquarters and some people came to take the two villains back to custody. Then, we all headed back home. I've taken a relaxing hot bath before writing this and it did marvels. I don't feel as tired as I expected. Or maybe it'll only last until the excitement wears off. Anyway, it was a job well done! Thinblade didn't criticise us a single time. And it was really awesome to work with Nightghost!

Saturday, June 11

There was no training session today, we deserved some rest. Instead, I went to Sean's place and, well, we didn't exactly rest. We celebrated the victory in bed and that was wonderful! I think we're going to get used to this really fast! And we didn't even break anything this time, which is even better.

Tuesday, June 14

I went patrolling with the team, and nothing wrong happened tonight. Later, when I was coming back home, I spotted Nightghost on the usual rooftop. I joined him and settled down next to him. It had been a long time since I had met him there. It felt good to watch the city's lights, the wind in my hair, alone with my boyfriend. We remained silent for some time. Then, I leant towards him and kissed him slowly.

When Sean finally broke the kiss, he looked at me with a smile: "I missed being here with you."

"Me too. It's been pretty hectic lately. Hopefully, we'll have a little more time to ourselves now."

"I doubt it, there's always work for superheroes. But even if we're busy, I'm not worried, we'll manage to find time for ourselves."

"You're the one who's good at organisation, so I'll leave that to you."

"Isn't lazying around on a rooftop better suited to procrastinators?"

"Hey! Are you talking about me? Okay, I'm less organised than you, but I'm not that bad!"

Sean laughed softly: "I wouldn't dare. I was just speaking in general."

Sunday, June 19

We've been quite busy with exams, but today, Jim, Madison and I went to see "Shadow Wind". It was a fun adaptation. Jim mostly enjoyed it, but he also commented on all the differences with the video game. I only played it a couple of times at his place, so I didn't know it well enough to be disturbed by the comparison. Madison didn't like it much, since there was only action. We didn't think it would be like that, or we would have advised her not to come.

Saturday, June 25

I went to Sean's place and we decided to go and enjoy the sun, since his father was there, which means we couldn't do anything of interest in his bedroom. So we went to take a walk in the park close to his flat. I usually just walk quickly through parks, but Sean takes his time to watch the scenery. I'm not really surprised by that. So I let him set the pace, and it was actually nice, not boring as could be expected. Well, the fact that I was with Sean certainly helped with that. That guy could almost make me appreciate History. Or maybe not…

Thursday, June 30

I'm leaving tomorrow for three weeks' holidays with my parents. I know it's lame to go with my parents at my age, but we're going to the beach, so I certainly don't intend to stay home. I'm going to miss Sean, though. Of course, we'll phone and text each other, but it won't be the same. I want to be in his arms, to kiss him, to have sex with him. How am I going to survive without him? Also, I think I'll leave my diary here, because what could happen to me there apart from sea, sand and sun?

Sunday, March 10, 2041

Wow! My old diary! I'm going to write something for when I find it again in the future.

I'm at my parents' today and I've just found and reread my high school diary. It's fun, and a little moving too, to read all those old entries about Sean. We've been in a relationship for so long now that it feels like we've always been together. We've moved into our own flat, nothing big, but it's not small either, and it's quite comfy. So our parents, friends, teammates and colleagues now know we're a couple. But Thunderskin and Nightghost aren't out, even though there have been some rumours…

I've become a Maths teacher, and I enjoy my job when the students aren't acting like complete idiots instead of following my lessons. Sean is now a researcher and I'm really proud of him. At night, we've passed the age where we were obliged to work in teams to make up for our lack of experience. So half the time we patrol with our teams, and half the time we patrol together (hence the rumours, I guess…). I've always enjoyed doing my superhero work with Nightghost and this has only increased with time, as we were getting closer and knowing each other better. So all is well in the world, or at least in North City!

The End.

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