Angelo my dear Angelo,
Every day my love for you grows
It started out as a seed of love planted in my breast
It was buried deep within
but only recently
Has bloomed

After that night we spent together
Hearing the thunder and seeing the lightening flicker
My love grew into a flower
Angelo, the most beautiful iris you ever did see
That is the very image of my love for you

I know you think of me only as a friend
But Angelo, I need you so
You are the reason I breathe,
The reason I live
You are the reason for me even being here
I live to hear the words you speak
I live to feel your fingertips upon me

Angelo don't leave me,
Please don't leave me stranded
I feel as though I am a starfish washed upon the beach
I reach out for you but you are no longer there
You are the ocean and the sand slipping between my fingers
Slipping away and leaving me dried and broken
Upon a beach that no one knows,
The beach hidden beyond the sight

I don't want to lose you Angelo,
Please don't leave me
I feel that my love is special
It cannot be bought just anywhere
The iris of my love is only found in me
Dear Angelo I beg you take this iris
And please dear Angelo, stay here with me.