Gravity has lost its sway,

My whole world's blowing away.

I try to hide, but I can hear

The petrifying cries of fear.

The howling wind whips all around,

Things are flying off the ground,

Whirling round me endlessly –

Never ceasing, never free.

Confined behind a translucent veil,

My hands are cold, my face is pale.

A certain voice I recognize

Pierces the air with pleading cries.

But I can't reach, I cannot move,

I have nothing left to prove.

I scream, I weep, but no one hears

And slowly fall my tragic tears

Knowing I can do no more,

I sink down to the ice cold floor.

Losing everyone I know,

Forever caught in vertigo.

The one escape my mind can see:

I let the darkness cover me.