Okay yes, I do know that having an Author's Note as a chapter is against the rules, and I'm sorry. It's temporary. But I just wanted to let y'all know-


Yeah. I'm excited. I can't think of anything for this one, because it just sucks. Like, it... it just sucks. YAH. And I think (and I hope someone agrees o-o) that it deserves better than the utter suckishness that it is at the moment. I also figure that rewriting it while it's really short is better than waiting until it's like twelve chapters of suckishness. HOPEFULLY I have the skillage to actually improve it.

I'll have a chapter up this weekend, hopefully- I have a bunch of school things this week, but I'll try to finish it. You wouldn't think that my micro-chapters would be so hard for me, but they really are. -_-

So, that's my note. Have a wondrous week!

~Carny :D