Title: Fake Engagement

Summary: I'm black, he's white. I hate him, he hates me. He's wanted by many, while I'm wanted by no one. He's the Greek god, while I'm the social outcast. So someone tell me, why did I fall for someone I can't have? Oh yeah, I forgot, his parents believe we're engaged.

A/N: I live in Massachusetts and that's where the story will be taking place but the cities and schools that are announced in this story are made up.

Chapter o1: Arrogant Asshole

I rolled my eyes for the thousandth time today. It was crazy really, hearing people talk about Michael this, Michael that. It was even crazier when it was my friend chattering about the obnoxious, arrogant asshole. I only half listened as I played around with my French fries dipping them in the ketchup before taking a bite, what can I say, I was bored and if I had to resort to playing around with my French fries to release that boredom, then so be it.

"Hey, are you even listening to me?" Jessica asks me in irritation as I take a sip from my can of soda before my brown eyes clash with her green ones. She scowled at me in annoyance. I then set the can of soda down on the table inwardly wincing at the sudden burning sensation as the pepsi goes down my throat.

"You were basically saying how hot Michael was. Oh my god, Michael has the beautiful bluest eyes I've ever seen. I hope Michael picks me to be his date for senior prom. Do you think Michael will ever notice me? Damn, he's gorgeous," I stated, imitating Jessica who instead of launching into another tirade of how hot Michael really was, she only stared at me, her green eyes filled with horror and it was at that moment I felt a presence behind me.


"I'm glad you think so," the familiar masculine voice of Michael himself stated. I really, really, didn't want to deal with him right now. So instead of looking at him, I settled for staring real hard at the can of pepsi. "Because, for a minute there, I thought you were immune to my good looks."

Oh, how he made my blood boil. I didn't bother responding as I continued to stare long and hard at the soda can while ignoring Jessica's stare.

"Piss off!" I muttered but I was sure both Michael and Jessica heard it.

"And she speaks," was Michael's smart ass remark. But before I could respond he left. It was silent. It wasn't an awkward silence, but sure as hell wasn't comfortable either. But I knew sooner or later Jessica was going to break the silence, god forbid she go without five minutes of talking.

"Well, I guess you were listening," she stated, laughing nervously as I clenched on tightly to the can. My eyes, then finally averted from the drink and up at Jessica's. Before speaking, I pushed my glasses up the bridge of my nose.

"He's such an arrogant asshole," I said as I bit into my cheeseburger. I could tell Jessica was going to argue, for she opened her mouth but then closed it, knowing for a fact that I would win over the argument. Everybody knew just how much Michael was an arrogant asshole but I guess that seemed to draw people in even more.

Well, before I go into a tirade about I hate Michael this or I hate Michael that, I think it best that I introduce myself. After all, in the beginning of reading another's story it is always best to know who this person is you're reading about. For all you know, you could be reading about an axe murderer or some crazy psycho stalker.

To start things off, my name is Desiree. Many people, many close friends, not that I have many and foster family call me either D or Rae Rae. I'm a seventeen year old African American senior currently attending Wesley High School in, you guessed it, Wesley, Massachusetts. I stand at the height of 5'6 with short black hair and dark brown eyes.

My life was never what you would call a fairy tale. Both me and my brother, Deon were like what you would call nomads. We drifted from foster home to foster home. I could remember life with my parents vaguely. My father, well, I couldn't necessarily remember my father but I was sure he neglected us the moment he heard that the girl he knocked up was pregnant with me.

As for Deon's father, I was sure he did the same thing. I could remember that we lived in this run down apartment, the electricity was always out and we lacked water due to the fact that my mother never paid the bills. It was a wonder as to how we continued living in that one apartment for most of our lives.

She seemed to forget that she had kids, it was as if I was the parent, always taking care of my brother when my mother was out whoring herself. That's right, my mom was a prostitute. Of course, some kids should be ashamed at their mother for having an occupation such as that. But to me, if making money and trying to raise a family has to resort to becoming a prostitute then so be it. But the fact was, the money she earned being a prostitute wasn't used for both me and my brother's well being.

We were living the hard life. How we were able to live like that for so long was beyond my comprehension but we both did. It was by the age of 11 that my mother had overdosed. It was a sad loss really, but to both me and my brother, she wasn't much of a mother for her death to be such a loss. I know, I sound like a bitch but it's not my fault she wasted most of the money she earned on drugs and alcohol.

From then on, me and my brother have been living from foster home to foster home. I was just hoping that we didn't have to move again for my sake, after all I only had a couple of months left until my senior year was over then off to college for me.

But that's enough about me. I'm sure you guys have heard enough for one day, I practically told you my whole life story in about four paragraphs. Now on with the real story.

Have you ever wished that you were in a fairy tale? God knows I have. I was always waiting for that one moment for prince charming to come and whisk me away. But everybody knows that there are no such things as fairy tales or happy endings in the real world, but a girl could only wish.

I hate life, don't you? It's always repetitive, well for me that is. I wake up, go to school, deal with Michael's bullshit, my best friend fawning over him and the teacher's boring lectures before going home, sleeping and having the same thing happen the next day. There was nothing in my life worth while, I've never been to parties or even been on a date with that special someone.

I was currently sitting at my desk in the far back row, currently in my last class of the day, physics. It was tiring really, practically half the class was already fast asleep as Mrs. Carmichael talked about god knows what. Poor teacher, having to deal with an ignorant and rude class most of the day.

Me, taking pity on her, responded to most of her questions while my classmates just grunted in response. It was by the end of class that she sent me an appreciative look before wishing me a good day. She was boring but a descent teacher and I can never understand why students took her for granted.

It was as I was walking towards my locker that I spotted Jessica leaning against the wall, while noticing a male figure hovering over her. My dark brows furrowed in confusion as I continued walking. I couldn't make out the guys face which obviously meant that my glasses were useless and I needed a higher prescription.

It was then that my stomach dropped at the now familiar male and let me tell you, I wasn't happy with what I saw. And no, it wasn't because I was jealous, far from it. It was because my only friend in the whole entire world was stupid enough to fall into the guy's trap. I mean, come on, weren't girls smart these days. Maybe not, I was sure that I was the only sane one here.

I didn't want to rain on their parade so I stayed in the shadows, watching them. I almost gagged when I noticed Michael lean down to Jessica, kissing her on the cheek before leaving.

I almost threw up in my mouth when I noticed Jessica stare at Michael's retreating back with a love struck expression. How could she so easily fall into his trap? It was only earlier this morning that I swore Michael didn't even know of her existence.

"What was that?" I demanded as I walked towards my locker before turning my locker combination. The locker made a click noise before I made to opening it.

"What was what?" I looked over at Jessica, her cheeks were back to the normal shade color, no longer red or pink. She had this innocent look about her, as if she didn't know what I was talking about. I only stared at her, giving her a knowing look as I tossed the books I had no use for in the locker and grabbed my jacket.

Jessica wasn't necessarily an ugly person, truth be told, I thought she was actually pretty, not drop dead gorgeous or anything but pretty. But the thing was, Michael didn't go for pretty, he went for drop dead gorgeous. He went for the blond bimbos maybe even your fair share of brunette but mostly blonds. And let me tell you, Jessica was neither a blond nor a brunette, she was a red head. She was about an inch shorter than me, she was thin but not too thin to be considered unhealthy.

"You know for a fact what I'm talking about," I spoke as I closed the locker door before walking right past her, knowing that she was going to follow me. "What did that arrogant asshole want anyways?"

We were now walking, our shoulders brushing each other as I heard her sigh, one of those love sick sighs. I could only roll my eyes at her behavior. I still never, never understood why people were always so quick to worship the ground he walked on. There was nothing and I mean nothing special about Michael Evans.

"Who? Michael?" She asked but she didn't give me time to respond before she continued. "You know he's in drama club with me. Well this year's upcoming play is Romeo and Juliet. Both Michael and I are the lead roles. Tomorrow after school, he wants me to run lines with him. Also, this Saturday, there is a party he's hosting and he happened to invite me. He also invited you too. Can't you believe it?"

"Yippee," I muttered sarcastically before walking towards my parked car.

It wasn't my car actually, it was my foster mother's but she let me use it for the day. Isn't she just awesome? As I'm getting closer, somebody, most likely Jessica, spins me around. I'm now staring into the angry green eyes of one Jessica Louis. Why she's suddenly angry at me? I don't know. All I know is that a pissed off Jessica is a scary Jessica. But I knew she wouldn't do anything to harm me, at least I hoped not.

"Why do you hate him so much?" She demanded with her hands on her waist. I imitated her movement with my hands now on my waist as I responded.

"Come on, what is there not to hate? Sure, he's gorgeous and all the girls and guys worship the ground he walks on but let me break it to ya, looks aren't everything. He's an arrogant asshole and he thinks he's better than everybody else. He's a rich snob and I can't stand rich snobs, besides he hates me as much as I hate him."

I was taken aback as Jessica rolled her eyes as if what I was saying was total bullshit. Damn, why is she grilling me in the first place? She already knew how much I hate him, so why the sudden change of attitude.

I mean, seriously, is it that hard to believe that somebody was actually immune to someone like Michael. What was this world coming to? Everything was about looks. Shallow ass people and never would I have pegged Jessica to be as shallow as the rest.

"He may seem like that, but he is actually really charming. If you got to know him, you'd actually really like him," she stated quietly.

Was she still on this? I didn't give a shit about Evans and she knew that so why, oh why was she getting on my case. Not to mention, since when was she so confrontational.

In response I only snorted before turning around to leave, aching to get to my car and drive, leaving this conversation behind. But Jessica seemed to have other plans for me.

"You're in denial," she said as I heard her footsteps gaining up on me as I hurriedly made it to the black BMW. But just hearing that statement made me stop as I unlocked the door, I turned around at her and stared. I didn't say anything, there were only thoughts whirling around in my head. What is she possibly going on about? I don't even know what she was talking about. Denial? I was in Denial about what?

When I didn't respond, she continued speaking, "You like him. You're just jealous of the fact that he seems to notice every girl but you. You want to be like all those girls, blond or brunette, his type. Maybe even white because everybody sure as hell knows that he doesn't go for the black, Hispanic or Asian chicks. He goes for the white bimbo blond or brunette chicks."

What the fuck?! What did this have to do with anything? What did race have to do with anything? Furthermore, how does she know how I feel? Also, she shouldn't be talking. God knows how long she's been fawning over him and her, talking about how I wasn't his type. Shit, she wasn't his type with her red frizzy hair, her awkwardness, and the billion freckles dusted upon her face. And don't get me wrong, I wasn't saying she was ugly. Like I said before, she's pretty but not in the sense that most guys want her.

It was then I looked at her in satisfaction as she stared at me, her mouth agape as if realizing what she said. I noticed the hint of apology on her face, in her eyes. But before I even forgive her, I'm going to make her beg, plead for forgiveness. What right did she have to be such a bitch? My attitude just snapped.

"First off, let's get something straight, I'm not in denial. I don't like him and I assure you that I never will. Second off, why do you have to be such a bitch about it? And quite frankly, I don't need to explain myself to you. You can walk your ass home."

And with that she stepped back as if she got slapped and all I did was smile and slide into the driver seat before starting the engine. Without glancing her way, knowing that she was still standing by the car, I cautiously drove out of the parking lot, keeping watch of any pedestrians.


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