I, Veiser


Humankind began on Mondis.

More than fifty centuries ago our ancestors embarked on the First Exodus, spreading beyond the heavens.

They discovered they were not alone.

Humans lacked the ability to travel faster than light. Mass migrations of the Exodus were guided to new stars by an advanced and benevolent species, the Seicladu, who sought to protect humans until we reached maturity. The Seicladu built a great network of interstellar gateways linking hundreds of settled systems in a galactic region called Orion.

Humans flourished in an interstellar golden age and took for granted technological dependence. As the Seicladu began to die out, humans were no longer safe from aggressive neighbouring species.

Their civilisation was then destroyed.

The human tribes that survived extermination or enslavement began the Second Exodus, fleeing from Orion deep into unknown corners of the galaxy.

Mondis, the original home of us all was lost.

The last of the Seicladu chose a Mondilite man named Ansar to give humankind the tools for its own salvation: technology, knowledge and a purpose. He was told that one day, far into the future when his descendants were ready, they would find again their ancestral planet, reuniting all humankind.

Ansar the Lawgiver and his disciples called Heralds led the Mondilite tribe to a region on the galaxy's rim: the Otremir. The Mondilite's journey ended when they discovered seven new worlds to make their own. Guided by the Heralds the Seven Worlds united to found the Genetate, a civilisation on the principal of rule by the geniuses.

Three millennia have passed and our native suns and the terror from which we fled are long forgotten. Free human societies have been rebuilt and flourish again out here, far away in the Otremir.

The Herald's ancient plan for the children of the Seven Worlds is almost complete…

Author's Note

If the prologue seems very vague that's deliberate. I needed a proper introduction but as the back-story and history is very complicated I thought I'd try to not to tell everything in an overload at the beginning and reveal it gradually through the story.

I, Veiser is intended to be a novel lengthed sci-fi story which will be broken into three parts. This is the first time I've undertaken in a writing project this big before. It is essentially a multi themed epic set in exotic societies in the far future and isolated from earth. Its a working progress which I'm constantly updating and editing. The main thing I want is to write an entertaining story that is set on a grand scale, if you think I've pulled it off I'd love the encouragement, if not I'd love advice on how to improve it as I would one day would like it published when its finally completed.