A short story I am writing about vampires. Won't be more than six chapters or so unless it really takes off or gets lot's of attention. Anyway, vampire wakes up on raft in middle of ocean. Storm coming, sunrise a couple hours away. Poor guy!

Bound to the Currents:

Chapter one: A shitty afternoon.

My head lolled from side to side, bumping rhythmically against the wooden poll. It created a steady beat that made no attempt to match my heart. My wrists ached where they were tied behind me. My face felt bruised, my right cheek burning as if cut, but the memories connected to their delivery were blank. All memories were drowned out by a constant noise, one that smothered all else….


I opened my eyes, glanced around. I took in the sight of 5 feet of rocking wood in front and behind me, to both sides. I blinked twice.

"Damn." I muttered aloud.

Water stretched into the distance in all directions. Land hid beyond horizons set glaringly far away. There was a poll set directly behind me, but I couldn't careen my head up to see how tall. My wrists and legs were bound to the thing, and my skull ached from where it had been repeatedly slapped against it.

I wriggled my hands. I strained my legs, but could not free myself from the restraints.

I bit my lip, considering. I wracked my brain, searching for the why of this predicament. What had I done this time? Steal a married guy's wife? Had a drink with another vamp's girlfriend?

I wanted to slap myself when I realized the answer. I'd gotten caught again. My work, my wonderful, dangerous—often kinky—work had gotten me into trouble again.

Two hours ago—perhaps more, I couldn't tell—I'd been throwing back beers on a pretty yacht. There'd been ladies, for there always were, and they'd been all over me. On that piece of expensive boating, no lips were left vacant. I'd played my way into this little party, hoping for a beer or two, a kiss or three, or even better, something to munch on.

I had been under the impression I was tricking them. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong.

Here I'd thought I was a vampish bloke who had played his way into a good time. What was better, after all, than an evening on a yacht, beers in hand and girls on laps? Nothing, that's what….if that's what it had been.

I have to admit, I guess I got a little too intoxicated. If I'd been in my right mind, I would have noticed the boxes under the beach chairs, crosses made of silver decorating the exterior. If I'd been paying true attention, I would have noticed the extra cooler, which wasn't filled with beer, but bottles of a clear liquid.

Alas, it was the beer that did me in, I suppose. If not for it, the vampire hunters would not have fooled me.

"If it gets out that I walked onto a boat of vampire hunters, that'll be it for the great John Hisco." I sighed.

I did a quick inventory. The raft I stood on was barren of any supplies, not even a pair of oars. In my right pocket, I carried four pennies, a permanent black marker, and my lucky lighter. I noticed something in the sky.

"Jiminy cricket." I said aloud, my brow furrowing. "That better not be what I think it is, or I'm in for a loud of crap, not to mention trouble."

What I saw was storm clouds. STORM CLOUDS! It was 2 hours before sunrise. A storm had no right to be brewing!

I pushed my worries away. I couldn't die. That was a vampire advantage. The water couldn't drown me. The lightening couldn't fry me; of course, there are things I'd prefer—a buffet, a massage, or a strip joint.

I mean, did I really deserve this? Yeah, I'm a vampire. I've killed a couple mortals here and there, (more than a couple maybe) and I've ruined a church or two. (Try 5 or 6) it's not like I'm one of those great and terrible vampires taking down all those vampire hunters TV series talk about. (I've killed 2 though, slept with one, before the killing of course.) So hey! I don't think I deserve to spend the next 2 hours with the water playing yo yo with me, only to then have the sun play barbecue. The sharks might think me good burned to a crisp, but I don't care to find out.

I closed my eyes and played the "John get his hands out of the bindings" game for a few more minutes. Meanwhile, the sky darkened. Storm clouds grew closer, and turned the ocean an ugly shade of green. The winds turned menacing and threw my dyed green hair into my face. When the downpour started, I let out a pathetic whimper.

The moon had gone. The sun was nowhere in sight. The waters rose and fell, the waves growing to menacing sizes.

Thunder and lightening hit next, and with all these different variables playing their parts, the ocean just couldn't stay calm. It began to thrash and tangle, just as I had against the rope bonding me to the poll. They threw my raft about, twisting it in circles so I grew dizzy, and tipping it every time it went over a wave. I pictured what would happen if it was flipped upside down, with me underwater. It would be cold. Damn, it would be freezing.

I was the ocean's plaything.

The waves were that of a child; the raft was his first toy. The water gripped me, creeping over the edges of my safety like fingers. I tipped forward, pitching towards churning green and swirling black. The raft fell backwards, and my head slapped against the poll, nearly rendering me unconscious.

If only it had.

Lightening struck somewhere. I had a brief image of it hitting me. I'd never really known pain before. Some women slapped me. Some men beat me 47/up to reclaim their women. However, I those would be nothing compared to a lightening strike.

It struck again, closer now.

"Damn it!" I shouted into the whirlwind of weather and danger. "I don't want to become barbecue vampire!"

And as if the lightening had heard my call, it struck right where I didn't want it too.

Right at my feet.

The base of the poll shattered, and can you guess what happened next? Yep, the poll pitched forward, throwing us both into the water.

A downside to not having to breathe, is that you sink real fast. When the next wave pitch us forward, the poll slid right off the raft and straight into the water, taking me with. Together, we sank, me going feet first towards the ocean floor. I looked up, but couldn't see the sky. I panicked, as salty liquid flooded my mouth. I told myself I don't need to breathe. My panic didn't listen.

I saw the barest outline of the raft's shadow. I knew it was my ticket out of here. Without it, passing ships would not see me. Without it, I would be forced to walk along the ocean floor to land, little starfishes skidding around my feet, krill getting caught in my hair, and my eyes filling with itchy saltwater.

Nope. I wanted this ticket.

I twisted and a sharp pain lanced down my arm. I stuck my hand in my pocket, withdrew the lighter. Yes, buffets and massages and strip joints here I come!

I flicked it open.

I realized a terrible problem.

Lighters don't work underwater.


Just as this terrible injustice settled onto me, my hands were cut free, followed by my legs. Without sparing a thought, I shot towards the surface. I gulped in air, knowing it was silly. I was relieved to remove my eyes from the water. The salty liquid had filled my eyes, ears, mouth, nose and everything else. My whole damned body was salty, and I wanted to be done with the salty business! I would rather be in the "chicken" business, or maybe the "hot dog" business, or maybe even the "steak business…." wait, that probably wouldn't be the best idea.

The raft was 15 feet away, 20 now. I swam for it, my progress slowed by the hand clutching my nose. Silly, I know. It's an old habit.

I crawled onto the wood, collapsing onto my side as I coughed. I immediately clutched onto the boards, as a wave crashed onto me. Wave after wave shook the raft, and tried to tear me away. I held on tight, the wood splintering my skin, water making me cough.

"What did I ever do to you?" I yelled at the sky, hoping god would take pity. His response was water splashing in my face. "Thanks bunches!" I shouted, only to get a mouthful of salty water again. Really, done with the salty already!

I waited out the storm, sprawled on the damaged raft. When the sky finally cleared, exhausted, I glanced up. I saw pink.




DEAR GOD! It was the sunrise.

I panicked. What was I going to do? I'd fry to a crisp up here. No, worse than a crisp. I wouldn't even be barbecue. I'd melt, I'd catch fire, my skin would turn orange. I'd wilt, sunburn, my throat would parch. My eyes would go blind, and then fall out. My body would begin to fall apart, and I would be…..

Suddenly, the song "Dust on the wind" began playing in my head.