When will the pain and disappointment end

When will the pain and disappointment end?

When can I just say fuck it and let it all go,

I dance amongst the blood,

That I have drawn upon myself,

It runs in rivulets down my arms,

Dripping from my fingers,

And splashing to the ground,

For me to dance in,

It covers me,

From head to toe,

The crimson color,

Naked I am,

It bathes me,

Is it over yet?

Can I just end this life?

This life I live is worth naught,

I spiral in and out of control,

Fuck me,

Love me,

Kill me,

Let me die,

And leave this hell,

All I leave is pain and disappointment,

All I have is such,

Let me die,

Let me go,

I'm bathed in my own blood,

It surrounds me in pools and puddles,

Running down my arms,

To hit the ground with a splat,

Let me go,

Let me go.