Ode to Sauerkraut 2

It looks as though I'm here again,
I have treated my great pain.
I came back to share with you
that you left behind your tea and left foot shoe!

Now that I'm here, I'll continue my ode,
about the stuff that is as green as a toad.
Hot dogs, ham, and calbasi, too,
But never topped on things that once have said moo!

For cows are as good as sauerkraut,
and to proclaim it I will jump and shout!
Ok this time, I will not
change the subject and tie it in a knot!

Outside the park or on the street,
inside the house, my mouth you will meat!
For too little is always bad,
Having too much to me sounds mad!

Alright! Again I must confess!
Before I make another mess!
Before I get great pain again!
And once again see Dr. Fenn!

End the Ode, forever more!
So my muscles will never once again sore!

Goodbye, old friend! Finish your tea!
Sauerkraut, get away from me!