Co-writing Story Idea Number the Twooth

Flower Stickers (working title. Completely random, I know)


I am slowly being pulled back to consciousness by a foreboding smell intruding my deep sleep.


I jump to my feet and rush across the cramped room, tripping over a pile of magazines and half-falling into the tiny kitchen. There, proudly sitting on a the stove, is my one and only frying pan covered in a layer of charcoal-like substance and emanating a thick and ominous black cloud. Pulling my sleeve over my nose, I rush to the stove, flick the switch to zero and shove the pan in the sink, turning the cold tap on too hard, so that water ricochets off the pan and sink and splashes all over my shirt.

Right. Great, perfect. Not only does that make my shirt ruined, but my meal, and oh shit—I won't have time to eat, I'm going to be late for art classes!

I turn off the cold water tap and rush out of the kitchen. I snatch a clean shirt from a cardboard box underneath my bed and stuff it in the pocket of a sweater, which I quickly throw on. Grabbing my keys, pencils, wallet, watch and pencil case, I shove everything in my bag, snatch up my sketchbook and run out of the flat, picking up my shoes on the way out. I should be able to put them on and change shirt when I'll be safely in the bus. If I miss this one I'd have to wait fifteen minutes for the next one and then I'd finitely be late for my class. And we're starting on nudes today, and I can't possibly miss that, since I've been waiting for this for so long. Mostly everyone has recommended me to work on nudes and include a few nudes in my sketchbook before sending it off to employers for a job, so this is really important.

In the bus, there is only me, a half-asleep old lady with her head lolling against her widow and two schoolgirls chattering away like children. They send me strange looks when I start undoing my shirt and I just pull my tongue at them, deciding to cheek my way out of the situation. They shrug and turn back away and I finish changing and putting on my shoes.

From the bus stop, I have to run for ten minutes to the old university building in which the live drawing evening classes take place most of the time. Everyone is already there, and Julie has just gone to get our model.

"Is it a he or a she?" Clara, another student, asks me, leaning towards me as I set up my sketchbook on an easel.

"I don't know," I shrug. "For the sake of Micky I hope it's a guy."

Micky, our resident pervert, couldn't bear the sight of a naked woman without it having disastrous effects over his trousers and dignity.

"Your stomach just growled," Clara remarks in amusement. "I bet I can tell you exactly what happened."

"Go on," I challenge.

"You came home from your shift, put some food to cook on the stove, and then sat down on your sofa, laid your head back and closed your eyes while thinking: I'll only shut my eyes for five seconds. Then you fell asleep and were awoken by the smell of food burning, and you realised that you were going to be late anyway so you grabbed all your stuff and rushed out without having even eaten or even, chances are, putting on your shoes."

I laugh.


Note: (I totally had so much more written for that one, like two or three pages, but apparently I either forgot to save it or lost it somewhere in the bowels of my computer—I am SO GUTTED T-T)

Right. So this one was actually inspired by a picture from some manga (I don't know which manga it came from though. It was used in an insert in a bunch of Obsession scanlations and the whole story popped up in my mind) Axel is a poor student struggling to pay the bills. He meets Zoe, a rather naïve young man and employs him to be his model. As time goes by, they begin forming a very close relationship, though completely platonic, becoming close friends that really rely on each other, even though they are complete opposites: Axel is struggling to keep up with the world, Zoe breezes through his life; Axel is poor, Zoe is filthy rich; Axel has a lot of principles and thinks everything through, Zoe is careless and basically lets himself go wherever the wind takes him; Axel is used to rejection and heartache, Zoe is helplessly naïve and charming. Axel is straight as a ruler, Zoe doesn't even seem to be aware of his sexuality at all.

The story basically follows how their friendship is born, blooms and develops into something that eventually becomes unbearable for both of them because of what they're feeling for each other. It's basically a big fest of denial and suppressed gay love and all things yummy :)

Co-writer potential:

Once again, pretty good, since we could share the POVs between two: Axel's and Zoe's, one each chapter. Since I haven't yet developed either of them too fully, I don't have a preference between POVs, so if working on this one interests you then you get to choose whose POV you'd rather work from.