...look so cute when you get that mad!

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Summer Soundtrack


Her cell phone was starting to vibrate.

Roxanne kept her smile on, only cursing in her mind. "So, Roxanne, what are your worst qualities?" the lady adjusted her glasses as she said this. Roxanne let out a breath of relief when her phone stopped vibrating.

"Well-" Roxanne glanced at the name tag pinned on her shirt, "- Alice, sometimes I work too hard. Some people have called me a perfectionist," she said with ease.

Alice nodded, not completely convinced with the answers she was given. "Is that so? What makes you think we should hire you?" she asked a bit more firmly. Roxanne was starting to look uncomfortable, Alice could tell by her fidgeting.

"Is everything alright Roxanne?" she frowned, believing that it was probably just nerves.

"Yes, everything's fine just-"

The unmistakable tune of Spiderman's theme song started blaring and echoing throughout the small room. Roxanne's face flustered as she picked up her phone. "This better be important," she hissed in the phone. She was greeted by three giggling girls.

Completely oblivious to Roxanne's angry tone, they spoke, "Guess what?!" Amy squealed.


"We got four tickets to Playword's concert tomorrow!"

"Oh really? That's great, I'm hanging up on you guys, bye."

Roxanne turned her phone off then turned around to face Alice. She didn't look very pleased. "Maybe another time Roxanne, I'm terribly sorry. The exit is that way," Alice pressed her lips together in a thin line as he pointed to the door. Roxanne got up from her chair with an embarrassed look on her face then headed for the door. She couldn't believe that she got kicked out of a job interview. The only thing that would probably keep Roxanne from ripping Amy apart was the best friend factor.

She restrained herself from punching the crosswalk button, it would only release more negative energy. There was only a slight glimmer of hope in her mind, maybe other stores were hiring? Roxanne couldn't bear working in the library again for a summer job. It was so dull and the company of Amanda was never pleasant. She continued to feel sorry for herself as she walked down the sidewalk. The aroma of coffee wafted through the air as someone exited a nearby Starbucks. Roxanne contemplated whether she should spend some change on a soothing hot chocolate mocha. She dug in her pockets then entered the store, quickly deciding to order a hot mocha latte.

It only took her a second to realize that she was being slammed against the wall. "What the fuck!" she shrieked.

In front of her stood a boy with messy brunette waves on his head and dark sunglasses. "Sorry for that, it was an accident, I swear!" he held his hands up.

The boy started frantically wiping the stain on her jacket over her chest. Roxanne slapped his hand away. She was pissed. Really pissed. It only took a little shove to throw her over the edge. Especially on a rough day.

"I don't give a damn if it was an accident, this was expensive!" she screamed some more. People started to turn their heads. Okay, so she was stretching the truth a bit, but it didn't matter.

"You have some colourful language there," he handed her the tissue instead of helping her wipe again. "The name's Nate," he said hesitantly.

Without thinking twice, Roxanne took his drink and dumped it over his head. She heard some snickering behind a wall. "Sorry, I don't give my name to strangers," she said with a bit of pride in her voice. Now the bystanders were staring. Their voices grew fainter as she walked away.

"We told you to talk to her for a minute, not violate her!"

"I did, now pay up."

"That's cheating!"

"How about this, I bet you a hundred bucks you won't be so technical anymore when- not if- I stick a knife up your ass?"

"God, fine.."

Idiots, Roxanne secretly thought to herself with a smirk.

"You guys are insane, crazy and probably need to get a check-up for brain damage because there's no way I'm going in such a short notice," Roxanne stated with a flat voice.

"And what exactly do you mean by 'crazy' ? This is Playword, hello? The hottest band ever!"

"By crazy, I mean insane," she said, completely embarrassed by her friend's obsessive behaviour.

Caitlyn nodded in agreement with Amy.

"Look, I don't care about Plywood-"

"Playword," Trina quickly corrected her. Roxanna rolled her eyes at this.

"- Playword, or whatever kind of telepathic messages they send their fans to make them fall in love with them."

Roxanne crossed her legs in frustration. She was probably just tired of her friends constantly giggling about the lead singer (whom she didn't know the name of) and collecting every magazine with even the mention of them in it. She was more interested in saving up money to buy a decent car next year. Yes, she was still mad about yesterday. Deciding to change the subject, she spoke, "Hey, you know yesterday, some idiot came up to me and pushed me?"

"Was he cute?" Caitlyn piped up. Roxanne loved her friends dearly but she couldn't understand their way of thinking.

"Um- I don't know, he was wearing shades-"

"Ooh, dark and mysterious!"

"- right - and then he spilled his coffee and me and the pervert started wiping my freakin' boobs for God's sake so I dumped his drink on him," Roxanne said proudly. "He even had the nerves to ask for my name!"

"Mhm, typical Roxanne, you're such a man-hater, but I guess you had every right to..." Amy said turning on the radio. "Oh my god, It's them on the radio!"

"I did have every right to!" she protested. Roxanne was angry that they were so eager to get back to the subject of Playword. She could've been kidnapped and they would still be listening and screaming about their songs.

"His voice is so sexy, I'm so excited about seeing them tonight! Oh yeah, Roxy, you have to come, you just have to! Have I ever told you that you work too much and you need to loosen up?" Roxanne nodded, about a billion times, at least. She couldn't believe she was considering the option. It was just some stupid band after all.

"I don't know," she finally said dryly. Her friends weren't impressed with her conclusion.

"Well you have about two hours to decide because their concert starts in three," Trina pointed out. Roxanne glanced at the time. It was four o'clock in the afternoon. Amy started to dig through her closet.

"What should I wear guys? Something sparkly so they'll see me or something with a bit of cleavage?"

Roxanne picked up a magazine and started to flip through the pages. "Does it really matter? As if they'll see you in the large crowd. Plus it's dark, glittering like Hannah Montana won't help at all." Amy scowled at her.

"You really know how to burst a bubble, and there's that one percent chance that he'll see me and fall deeply and madly in love with me," she retorted.

"I'm sure he will."

The air was thick and Roxanne could barely breathe. Crowds of people were shoving through the doorway. Roxanne muttered something about how people lacked manners these days.

She still couldn't figure out if her had friends drugged her and convinced her to say "yes" to going to the concert that ruined her possible summer job. But she was already here and what harm could a little concert do? Roxanne smiled to herself at the sudden flow of positive thoughts. She could apply for a job tomorrow anyways, and this was probably the only time she was going to have fun anyway.

The one thing that annoyed Roxanne greatly was that all of the people that were pushing and shoving were exactly like her friends. They all had OPD (Obsessive Playword Disoder) registered into them or something. It was highly irritating.

"Can you believe that we're in the presence of Playword?!" Trina screamed over all the overlapping voices. "I mean, they're backstage and I'm here! It's so cool!"

"I know!" Caitlyn gushed. "I love every single one of them!"

Roxanne did all she could from gagging. It was disgusting behaviour. Not that anyone noticed, they were too busy screaming. She examined her ticket and looked at the seating. "Hey, can I see your tickets?" The girls handed their tickets to her with a puzzled expression. This was unbelievable; it had to be a mistake! Roxanne rescanned the ticket seatings. Her friends' tickets were labelled A16, A17 and A18. She looked back at her own ticket, D60. She was all the way in the front. "Um...Why are you guys sitting all the way in the back and I'm sitting way too close to the stage?" She shoved the tickets in Caitlyn's hands.

"This is kind of weird...and completely not fair! Want to trade tickets Roxy? You're practically going to be able to touch them!"

The whole idea of sitting in the back and sleeping was tempting but she didn't want her friends fighting over some stupid misplaced ticket. "Uh- actually, confession time, I um, actually love Playword but I was always too embarrassed to admit it, can I keep my ticket?" she said reluctantly. All her friends did was squeal once again.

"You're one of us?! God Roxy, we love you and we love them, how the hell is it embarrassing?!"

The three of them huddled in some kind of group discussion then turned around and faced Roxanne who felt utterly lonely. "We've decided that you can keep the ticket, after all what friends are for?" Amy hugged Roxanne tightly as if they were parting to different countries.

"Would every one please take your seats, please take your seats," someone with a megaphone spoke.

"Have fun!" the three of them scrambled to their seats. She sighed.

Roxanne made her way to the front. She didn't realize how close her seat really was. She sat down and waited patiently for something to happen on stage. A fairly skinny women sat in seat the right from her. "Hi," the women spoke. Roxanne shifted uncomfortably reading her shirt. "Future Wife Of Parker Simmons." Typical.

"Hi, I'm um, Roxanne" she said lamely.

"We're so lucky to have these seats! I've been a fan of them since forever and I have every one of their CD's and posters on my wall! Yeah sure the lead singer's hot and all but personally I like the drummer, he's the shy one! Oh whoops, silly me, I didn't introduce myself, I'm Michelle," Michelle rambled on.

Just my luck, Roxanne thought. "I'm Roxanne, I'm..quite a fan too," she mumbled. She got a better look at Michelle when she was looking at the stage, she was actually pretty.

A burst of drums erupted from the stage and the whole crowd started to scream. "I love you Parker!" Michelle shrieked at the top of her lungs. She was getting her hopes up, there was no way the drummer could hear her. Roxanne turned her attention on the stage. There was a really long guitar solo after the drums.

"Hello America!" some guy sporting a dress shirt and skinny jeans shouted to the crowd. The audience responded with more whistling and screaming.

"First I'd like to thank all of you for coming here and we'd like to show our thanks by having a little surprise at the end!"

More whistling.

Roxanne drummed her fingers against the armrest that Michelle wasn't using. As the music started, all she could think was 'they shouldn't connect the arm-rests, it only causes confusion.' When the first song was long over, the band started to talk up a storm again. Except she wasn't listening this time, she was fully focused on the lead singer. God he looked familiar but she couldn't quite figure out who he was.

When she realized why he look familiar, she widened her eyes.

Shit. Shitty, shit, shit.

"Are you okay?" Michelle asked her with genuine concern.

"Uh yeah, it's just that the music is a bit too loud," Roxanne lied.

"Really? It seems fine to me..or maybe I'm just used to it," Michelle shrugged and resumed singing along.

She tried to comfort herself by thinking that she needed glasses and was just mistaking his face. She turned to Michelle who looked slightly annoyed being interrupted. "Um..what's the lead singer's name?"

"I thought you were a fan! Well his name's Nate Lorin," she snapped.

Roxanne wanted to go on another swearing parade in her head. How would her friends react to her dumping a coffee on the one and only Nate Lorin, the singer of Playword? They would skewer her alive for sure. She decided that this was just one of those things where they passed by to visit the town quickly because they were probably on some kind of tour. God, what if they had a bodyguard there? She would've been arrested for assault! Roxanne shook the thoughts out of her head. She focused on the music. It was okay, she tolerated the tunes they played. She wondered how her friends were coping.

It seemed like forever until the whole thing was over and she could go back to living her normal boring self. When the concert finally came to an end, Roxanne was proud that she survived.

"I wonder what their surprise is," Michelle nudged Roxanne.

There was more? Oh right, the surprise they promised at the beginning.

"Is everyone ready for our surprise?" Nate talked in the microphone. A loud yes from the audience escaped their lips. "Okay!" Suddenly all the lights were turned off except for one thin spotlight on Nate. Roxanne thought that it was already pathetic. "Rob, do your thing," Nate looked at his hand. Roxanne rolled her eyes, it was all scripted. How lame. The spotlight was no longer on Nate as it started to randomly move around in the audience. All the people were confused, including Roxanne.

"Okay, stop," Nate instructed.

Roxanne couldn't see. She was blinded by the light. Was this some kind of joke? She squinted to get a better view of things. Everyone was still oblivious to what was supposed to happen. But they weren't happy that the light hadn't landed on them. "Rox, they're calling you up," Michelle hissed with envy. All eyes were on Roxanne. "Go on already!"

Roxanne was still dazed as she got up on the stage.

"Hi, what's your name?" Nate flashed her a grin. Roxanne started panicking, what if he recognized her? "Hey- you're the girl that-"

"Roxanne, my name's Roxanne," she interrupted him. God, he was stupider than she thought. He was going to tell the whole world that she dumped coffee on his precious head.

"Well, congratulations Roxanne! You just won a week to spend with us," he said, slightly shaken. She honestly didn't know how to react. And neither did the audience.

"Thank you everyone and have a good night!" he concluded. The crowd started to cheer again, still bewildered. They bickered about how it wasn't fair as they left.

Roxanne was still frozen on the stage. As soon as the room was empty except the organizers, everyone started to bustle around in a hurry to clean everything up. In a blink, the band members were also gone. She really expected someone to jump out in front of her and say "Just kidding! This was all just to piss the audience off." Unfortunately, no one did. They just continued to put everything back in place. No one seemed to notice her anymore. Roxanne waited alone on the stage, what was happening?

Finally, a women with pin straight blonde hair appeared. "Okay- Rebecca, you're coming with me," she made hand gestures for Roxanne to follow her. But of course there was still shock running through her. "Come on, what are you waiting for?" Roxanne hesitantly trailed a good two feet behind the women. She looked about in her early twenties.

"Can someone please tell me what's going on?"

"Oh I suppose we could schedule an ear check, you didn't hear what Nate said? Perhaps the music was a bit too loud..." she started to mumble things under her breath, no longer speaking to Roxanne. Oh no, it was the Spiderman theme song.

"Where are you guys? I desperately need some help here!" Roxanne whispered. Her ear exploded with giddy screams.

"I think the question is where are you?!" Amy's voice managed to spit out.

"You can scream about excitement later, now we need to get everything together and organized!" the women snapped harshly.

"I have to go now, bye guys," Roxanne whispered just as harshly as the women; she closed her phone unwillingly. This was unbelievable; she even attempted to pinch herself. And it hurt.

She continued to follow the women to a large room with busy people doing random jobs. "Finally, we can sit down and have a chat, my name is Blaire, Blaire Clarkson," Blaire stuck out her hand as they sat down on two armchairs. There was a small, round table cluttered with magazines separating them. Roxanne shook her hand.

"I'm..Roxanne, not Rebecca."

"Oh I'm incredibly sorry for the mistake, I probably heard your name wrong- Roxanne."

Roxanne gave her a weak nod. She wasn't completely clueless. But now she wished that she had traded her ticket for Caitlyn. All this chaos wouldn't be happening and Caitlyn would probably be too star-struck to care. "Okay so, here's what's happening and I'm sure that was the question you were dying to ask since the spotlight hit you. We will inform your parents as soon as possible about this arrangement. Tonight we're going to send a limousine to pick you up and drive you to a temporary house where the band members of Playword are staying for seven days. Don't worry about having nothing to do because we have the whole week planned out. How do you feel about amusement parks and the local zoo? If you don't like animals we can easily change this but it would be quite a hassle now that I mention it. There's also the paparazzi you will have to avoid, and there was this interview that was scheduled- you're not camera shy are you?"

"Uh, I guess not," she said dumbly. This was all too sudden.

"Okay good, that's exactly what we need because you'll be facing a lot of cameras this week during your five minutes of fame," Blaire stuck a pencil on top of her ear and continued to babble on about the plans. Roxanne was only listening half-heartedly.

She should've just said no to the concert.

"You know if the light moved just a bit more to our left I would've scored a whole week with the prettiest girl I've seen since I've been in this place," Nate declared.

"Yeah, she was pretty hot," Teddy said.

"Yes, and she was totally into me because she was staring at me the whole time," Nate said happily as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. Teddy scowled at the lead singer.

"Yeah I could so tell by the way her shirt said 'Future Wife of Parker Simmons.' " Teddy said with a hint of sarcasm.

"What about being the wife of me?" Parker asked as he entered the lounge room. He took a swig out of Nate's cup of orange juice. No one bothered to answer his question. He didn't seem the least bit bothered.

"Hey wasn't the winner that girl that ruined your favourite shirt yesterday? I swear it was her," a laugh escaped Sebastion's lips. Seeing Nate soaked in coffee was the funniest thing he's seen since- forever.

"Ha-ha, you're so sympathetic. Yes it was her, I'm pretty positive it was anyways." Nate took back his glass of orange juice with such force most of the contents spilled all over the floor. "You're cleaning that up," he stated without a worry. Parker let out an exaggerated sigh and carelessly mopped up the mess.

"Are you going to make her week living hell?" Sebastion half-suggested. "I don't know why we have to do this for publicity anyway, as if we don't have enough already."

"Nope, it's only a week, I think I'll survive her constant cussing and bitterness," Nate pointed out.

Teddy's whole face lit up as if an imaginary light bulb floated on top of his head. "Nate, my man, are you up for a challenge?" his lips started to curve into a grin. Nate raised his eyebrow.

"Nope, not after what happened yesterday, and you still didn't give me the ten bucks you owe me."

The boys suddenly lost interest in whatever they were previously doing and focused all their attention on Teddy. Nate was practically famous (between the four of them) for his consecutive winnings of dares or bets they threw at him. Teddy rolled his eyes then reluctantly pulled out a crumpled ten dollar bill from his jean pockets and handed it to Nate. "Thank you," Nate said. He stuffed the money in his pockets. Ten dollars didn't mean much to him, but the wagers were always fun.

"Okay, I bet you can't make this Roxanne girl fall completely and madly in love with you by the end of the week," Teddy said cleverly.

"That's stupid," Nate said bluntly.

"Are you declining the challenge?" Teddy asked with a deep, emphasized voice.

"God you guys are pathetic, fine, I'll make her fall 'completely and madly in love with me' but then you'll owe is one hundred bucks," Nate rolled his eyes. He wasn't completely sure if he would win or not, this was toying with a girl's feelings after all.

Teddy groaned. "Fine, but she already hates you anyway."

"You guys have no hearts do you?" Nate smirked.


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