I am in rage at your


Hate me.

I cannot be angry at you.

I am angry at me.

Be angry at me.

I do not love you I do not love you.

It is a Wiccan mantra

My words are consumed with

Indecisive fire.

I pray for life

Yet I burn the life I had.

It leaves me. My past leaves me.

In time, my love will, you say,

Show much like nature

Takes its time for flowers to come

But there are no flowers, I tell you.

My climate is different

And my heart is

Forever winter.

I suffocate, like dirt,

Under the billowing clouds

That pierce from your eyes.

I cannot know what you're thinking.

I am buried. I know I am dead to you.

Please. I am better than dirt.

My heart was unconvinced

Of a sun that would