From five to four;

From four to three;

From three to two;

And from two to one

That is how our story went –

The story of five strangers

Thrown together in a random act of faith,

In a time when it was most needed.

We saw what others would not;

We heard what others could not;

And in the end we still

Saved them all

Even if they might not have

Deserved our help.

We will not be remembered

Instead we are bound to be

Lost in time and history books

Just remembered as a group of

Brave individuals who cared

Greatly for the world we live in.

They will not see us for who we were,

Nor will they ever attempt

To find the reason and pain

Behind the struggles

They won't know our secrets,

See the betrayals,

Or the shadows that blighted

Our path,

But what else could we expect?

Lives were lost:

They will not be remembered;

Friendships were ruined:

They will not be remembered;

Hearts were broken:

They will not be remembered.

How can we ever expect the world to know

Our story

When it seems as though it

Never existed at all?

We were five strangers-

Five lonely strangers with five

Separate dreams.

We longed for life,

And for the return of the norm;

For our own race to open

Up their eyes

And see the danger

Lurking just beneath

The beautiful


Of flawless faces.

Our story is really three:
Three stories,

Three battles,

One war.

It was a sad time,

But it was the sadness that made

Us stronger.

It reminded us that

Even when all was lost

And the path that we traveled

Is tainted in the shadows of

Our minds

It was our blood that made

Made us stronger

A blood so unusual and rare

That it would flow

Through our veins





Eternity Trilogy: Rising Flames