Identical twins, one word to describe Ami and I. I unlike her was the more overprotective sister (since I being 2 minutes and 43 seconds yess 43secs. older). She was sweet, innocent. I knew perfectly well she was one of the most sought after girls in our school. Me being more of a tomboy and hyper active sports girl, I was always thought of more as a guy then with a guy.

So to make sure that no one was dating her just for her looks I came up with this plan in 7th grade (when she started getting asked out). I would leave my hair down and wear her cloths and see if they could tell if I was me, Angela, or Ami. Either that or come up to them and ask them if they would rather come with me then my boring goody-two shoes sister. Just to keep it confusing sometimes Ami went on the date and I watched from afar. On the third or fourth date I would switch places or "accidentally" bump into them. Most couldn't tell I was me or said they didn't mind who they went out with. They dug their own graves before they even had their first real date with Ami.

Now in 11th grade I have been able to keep all lechers of guys away from my sweet innocent twin sister. Most of the time she would come along when I was "evaluating" her dates. Sometimes she would end up crying on my shoulder when she heard why they really wanted to date her. She never minded me doing this since, "If you don't like him then I know you have a good reason for him, I get that you want me to have some guy who won't take advantage of me. I'd rather me see their true colors from afar then be humiliated in front of others." You just want to pinch her cheeks she was so cute! I can't help but try to protect her from those boys.

Now since I was so busy watching out for her I never noticed guys as more then friends until 10th grade. Jeremy Cheller. Friendly with everyone, smile that could be seen in even the darkest of rooms and a personality that would make Mona Lisa smile a big toothy grin. When he walked into a room I swear it got brighter. I couldn't explain why I was so drawn to him but he seemed to light up my dull world. I never even talked to him. I only saw him in lang. and pre calc.

"Angi, I got asked out on a date again!" Ami said while leaning her head on mine at lunch. She was so happy that I couldn't help but smile. "So who's the guy I got to interrogate?" She knew the drill, and she didn't mind. "I bet you he's gonna pass, I'm sure he's gonna pass!" Her eye filled with confidence, that I felt bad knowing all guys in highschool wanted only one thing…. Sex. So I'm may be a bit of a feminist, that doesn't make my ideas biased.

"If he passes I'm fine with it."

"I know he will! Meet him at Clover Park after school, you know by the big oak?" she said then practically skipped off. I've never seen her this happy about it, and I could just tell she really liked this guy more than others, I donno how, call it a twin thing.

Dressing in one of Ami's skirts and blouses, I went to Clover Park and could see the silhouette of a guy at the base. For once Ami didn't come to watch, and since I had perfected acting like her I was sure this was going to be a breeze. My eyes widened a fraction and my heart felt like it dropped to my stomach when I saw who it was.

"Hi Jeremy." I said shyly

"What's up?" he really did have deep dimples.

"Want to walk around the park or go see the football game that's playing in the stadium, today's no charge Friday. I doesn't matter to me."

Would you prefer to go do something you would like but Ami would hate(She HATES football, don't know why though since it's action packed, I love it.) or would you do something she would enjoy but sacrifice a good game.

"We can walk around, besides didn't you say you hated football?"

He was good.

For the next hour I quizzed him on about everything and… he passed with flying colors? When we got back to the tree, he said, "Look Angela, I know that you care about Ami but can you believe that I want to go out with her for her?"

After I snapped my gaping jaw up,"You knew!" I gasped. "This whole time you knew and you still went through with it! How could you tell it was me?"

"I heard about what you do, and I knew I would eventually face you, I didn't expect the first date to be with you but hey if I get you to like me then I can go out with Ami. As for how I could tell, well it's your eyes. Ami's are sweet, caring, innocent, and have some mirth in them. Yours look older, like you've seen more than your age, and although they have more playfulness then Ami's, yours have a protective look whenever I talked about us, well Ami and I.I really like Ami, and if I'll do whatever I have to to get your approval."

As much as I hated it, the guy that could tell me for me, the guy I liked, liked my sister and she liked him back. Well older siblings have to look out for the younger ones, and I wanted Ami to be happy. If it meant, giving up the person I liked, could have possibly loved, then it was worth it.

Smirking I said, "You hurt her, I'll hurt you, make her cry, I'll make you wish you were never born."

I walked away before he could answer, a lone tear sliding down my cheek as my heart shattered.

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