Where the Plains of Valor Lie

Hoof falls drummed above her head
As underground she slept in calming song,
Until with scent of grass and sound of might above
She unearthed herself to face the sun.
A field of wild plains was the land,
With glittering passing streams abound,
Catching her form peering after horses
Who had done their rousing duty-
Horses who lead men to valor,
Blending their steady power and spirit
As companions in battle and in peace.
She followed the path of horses,
The path of might from a bright day
Through the jeweled night
Where finally under white stars
She found her land, the halls of her people
Where torches burned upon parapets,
Nearing the sky to meet the stars.
Entering the earthen halls from twilight,
She was rejoined with her brethren
While unveiled stars gathered above horses,
Their hooves gently knocking stones and parting grass
Watchful, as they rested and grazed.