Hey, darling readers,

This is just an author's note. BUT. Unlike so many author's notes that come after a long absence from the story, I'm not writing to say that I've abandoned you!

After much deliberation and much guilt over the fact that I haven't updated in about a year and a half, I've decided to delete all the chapters and do a mega rewrite on this story. It won't be too much different, but I really want to steer it away from the way it was headed.

My writing has, I think, matured a lot since I wrote this, and I feel like I can flesh out the story and make it better if I just do a rewrite, rather than picking up where I left off.

Also, I want to give it a different title. Any ideas? I had originally planned, upon posting the story, to make it have a sub-theme about labeling in schools, but it got too cheesy to be that deep.

So, there you have it. Expect the rewritten chapter two to be up soon- the prologue has been posted already.

Thanks for sticking with me. I'm sure you've all noticed that I didn't actually disappear from Fictionpress- I actually got more into writing slash, and I just couldn't bring myself to write about straight people. Haha.

Since I already have two other stories in progress, postings for this will be slow, but since most of it is written, it shouldn't be too bad.

Much love,