A train horn blew in the distance as he smiled at her gently, his hands were at her waist and there was a smile on her face. A scream of mock anger, and suddenly the feeling of his hands weren't there and she looked up as he looked down; two figures caught in an awkward stare. He helped her up off the ground and she looked down and he raised her chin up, he kissed her once, she kissed back twice. He bit her lip, she pulled his hair, both felt fingers entwined against skin. Emotions ran high, the lights too low; an unexpected union of souls.

The trains clattered loudly in the background, the CD changer in the car clicked low, all in the deafening awkward silence. It hung around in the space between them; they sat so far apart, seconds ticked into minutes and eyes met in an unspoken agreement that it wasn't supposed to be this way. "You're somethin' else" he said, "It could be worse" she said as the doors to the train clicked shut.

A loud click of the lock as she closed the door, soft thud of his head against the wooden door, a unified sigh as they slide down the wall, to the floor, curled. Train wrecked friendship, for a moment's joy, only known constant by the clicks of time kept by trains.