4th grade

"Hey Chris, you know what I'm about to sing right!"

"I have no idea, Kairi" he replied sarcastically back.

"I know you do but you just refuse to admit it! So I'll start it out for you, My old black cat hates…"

I gave him a look

"…. Halloween"

"He shakes and quakes and…"


"He should be good on Halloween but much to my…"


"He stays in bed and…"

"…Hides his head"

"Now why would he do that…"

"… Meow he says"

"Meow he says, I'm just a …."

"Scaredy Cat"

"See didn't kill you, I bet you you will never forget that song. I know I won't, no matter where I move. HEY LOOK! It's soccer today, common Chris why are you just standing there?! Let's go before they pick captains!" I said while dragging him to the field.

Chris was my first best friend. When I came in 2nd grade, all the girls wouldn't play with me. It wasn't until , our teacher, talked to them about it. Chris was the first one to talk to me and play recess with me, and he became one of my closest friends. I hated it when I left that school to go to a different one, but my family always moved and staying three years in a school was a new record for me.

Now 11th grade

"Kairi get down from that tree, we have soccer practice in five minutes and you still have to change!" Man, now my peace time was over. Well there goes my idea of hiding. Jumping down I then sprinted to the locker rooms when I looked at my watch. Soccer practice was mainly scrimmaging since we had a game tomorrow, but I wasn't in the mood for it. Finally the stupid ball got picked up and we were sent to change. Resting my head on my hands I started to walk back.

Walking back I started to sing a random songs from my ipod, "And if your body matches what you eyes can do I wanna make you move because you standen still… You don't know how you met me you don't know why but you can't turn around and say goodbye all you know is when your with me I make you free and swim through your veins like a fish in the sea, I'm singing follow me everything is all right I'll be the one to tuck you in at night, and if you wanna leave I can guarantee you won't find nobody else like me."

"Hey Ami, I'll let you go out with me on a date for 15 dollers."

"How many times you gonna ask me?"

"Until you go out with me."

"Go AWAY DAN!" Ami nearly screamed.

The two then got into a bickering argument that I watched from the sidelines with an amused smirk on my face. Going the way those two are I'd give them till 12th grade tops before someone confesses. If they don't then I'll just have to force them to come out of the closet with their feelings with each other. After changing I started my walk home.

Well I was moseying my way home until I passed by the park. A little out I could see the silhouette of a figure dribblen a ball. Curiosity got the best of me so I went to take a peak. It turned out to be a guy that looked to be my age playing soccer by himself. From what I could see he was really good.

So you would think I would just leave and go back home but no I just had to watch him play. I mean it wasn't fair, how come he was a better player than me?! Just to tell you I'm only this bratty when it comes to soccer. Other then friends and schoolwork it's my life. So I texted my younger sister and told her I was gonna be late cause I was at the park. My parents knew I wouldn't do anything stupid because I wanted to travel and be a doctor when I grew up. Big dream yea I knew, but it has been my dream since 3rd grade. Finally I got sick of him playing so good so I did the only thing I could think of.

"HEY YOU, YEAYOU THE ONE PLAYING SOCCER. COME OVER HERE." Well it stopped him from playing soccer. The guy jogged over with an amused grin on his face. Then when he got closer it looked like he got all the breath knocked out of him. It took him a minute to recover from some weird shock he got but then he smiled at me. Heyy he looked familiar…

"Do I know you?"

"Shouldn't I be asking you that since you oh so kindly asked me to come over?" He said with laughing eyes, which I just noticed where and ice blue.

"Well no offence to you but I don't like it when someone my age plays better than me, call it the competitors side in me. Hey do you go to school around here? I'm in 11th grade so maybe I've see you in school and that's why you look so familiar." I went on and on.

"No but I'm transferring tomorrow, to 11th grade. Hey if you think I'm better then you then let's play a game to see who's best. Umm... my goal will be between those two oak trees over there and yours can be… between this bench and the one over there."

Ha he dared challenge me? He is so going down.

"Alright first one to get 5 goals wins, if I win you tell me why you look familiar."

" And if I win you have to show me around school tomorrow." He easily replied back.

Game Set.

The battle was on.

About an hour later I flopped down covered in sweat. HE BEAT ME! Stupid guy, I don't like him anymore. He beat me 5-3. Deciding not to get up I laid down and started humming an old song.

"What are you humming?" Said dude said while flopping down next to me.

"Wa oh it's a song I learned in fourth grade, usually I hum it when I stare off, didn't realize I was humming it."

"Do you like to sing?"

"Yea but I'm not in the choir. I like my voice the way it is and I only use it to entertain myself. I don't believe in singing lessons. My voice is the way it is and I don't want anyone to shape it a certain way even if it does sound better." Way to speak your mind for a simple question, I scolded myself.

"Hey then would you sing the song your humming?"

"Are you crazy I have a bad voice why would you want to hear it?"

"please" Ugh I hate it when people give me puppy dog looks, especially him with his flawless pale skin and smooth chestnut hair that just barely covered his blue eyes.

"Just once I'll sing, My…" Saved by the phone

"Listen that was my sister, I got to go home, meet me at the front gate first thing tomorrow. Later!" I called while jogging away.

Next day I was at our school gate at 7:15 am. I might have slept in a bit, so what. And there was MR.I'm-Better-at-soccer, his lean figure leaning on the railing.

"And here I thought you forgot."

"A girl needs her beauty sleep, don't complain." I'm not a morning person. He just gave me a dazzling smile.

"Alright you're in my home room, and have… math, chemistry, language, gym and Latin with me. Just to tell you, in the morning our homeroom teacher is a force to be reckoned with. Until she has her coffee stay out of her way." He just laughed at this and went to sit down up front.

Sitting next to Ami I was ambushed with questions. "Who was Mr. Hottie and why were you talking to him?" After her repeating over and over i figured she wouldn't shut up so I gave in," Well I don't know his name but I met him in the park yesterday while walking home. We made a bet and I lost so I have to show him around, I don't mind though cause he's a cool guy to hang out with, can make a joke about anything. But HE BEAT ME In soccer. Can you believe that, it's not fair, how is he better than me in soccer. " wow i'm having mood swings.

"Aww Kairi got her pride wounded, let me kiss it better. Well home rooms over so go show Mr. Hottie around."

The rest of the day went by easy and I hit it off good with him, I didn't know when it happened but I soon started liking him more than a friend. I learned that his name was Chris and had been playing soccer since 2nd grade. I liked how he could always make me smile, he didn't mind talking about soccer, and he wanted to do something with his life (he wanted to be an architect). We also liked that same kind of movies (The Jason Borne series, all time favorite) and thought the same of fast-food (Mc Donalds makes me McBarf). Finally lunch came and he sat with some other friends he made while I went to sit in a tree to think.

Yea I liked him. Yes I liked him more than a friend. "My old black cat hates Halloween he shakes and quakes and cries. He should be good on Halloween but much to my surprise. He stays in bed and hides his head…"

"Now why would he do that?"

Startled I whipped around only to remember I was in a tree and when tumbling down. After getting whipped in the face with a few branches I fell on something soft. After opening my eyes I realized I landed on Mr. Soccer Dude. Completely forgetting about my bloody face and bruises I asked, "What elementary school did you go to?"

"Your bleeding" nice job Mr. Obvious.

"Let's take you to the nurse."

"Only if you tell me what elementary school you went to." I said stubbornly.

Well he completely ignored me and gently pushed me off of him then got up and put his hands under my knees and shoulder before hoisting me up.

"Those cuts need to be examined before I explain anything" he said cheerfully. Stupid guy.

"Well you see Nurse Kanly I got into a fight with a tree. I'm tellen you though the tree turned out worse than me."

"Sure honey I'm sure it did now keep the ice pack and off you go to class" she said soothingly while I could see Mr. Soccer Dude trying and miserably failing to hold in a laugh.

"Thank you..."

"Chris Shawn" He supplied.

"Thank you Chris for bringing her here."

Ha ha Finally a name. Wait Shawn... Chris Shawn...


"Took you long enough to recognize me, I knew it was you Kairi the first time I saw you."

Jumping up I hugged him forgetting about my cuts and bruises exclaiming how I hadn't seen him for ever and blah blah blah. I was just happy to see him.

"So i'm taking it you liked abd like me alot or else you wouldn't be squealing." He said with a wide grin.

Wait sqealing! I smacked him on the head.

"I was not sqealing... much."

12th grade

"My old black cat hates…"

"…. Halloween"

"He shakes and quakes and…"


"He should be good on Halloween but much to my…"


"He stays in bed and…"

"…Hides his head"

"Now why would he do that…"

"… Meow he says"

"Meow he says, I'm just a …."

"Scaredy Cat"

"You're lucky I love you or else I would make you sing not just say it"

"Guess I am lucky you love me or else you'd kill me"

"Why would I kill you?"

Then he kissed me, just a sweet little peck on the lips that made my heart worm.

"You're just lucky you're my boyfriend or else I would have to kill you for kissing me."


"What Ami?" I said while rolling my eyes at her slightly glazed eyes and bright aura.


"Hey Chris"


"I told you 12th grade tops. I want my 20 dollars"

Second oneshot

The fourth grade part is based off of what happened to my friend in fourth grade, so that part actually happened, I witnessed it. I fluffed it up a bit with what Kairi said, she didn't really say all that. The rest I made up because it gave me the idea.

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