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Smile, she said as she walked on by.

I looked around and wondered why.

The world was dim, so sad and broken,

So many words were left unspoken.

The figure was retreating now,

As if falling away somehow.

Her words however, sung loud and clear,

Forget your worries and smile, my dear.

That day I decided to try once more,

To see the world though a different door.

I held me head up and looked around,

Searching for something I had not found.

After all, the world couldn't be all bad,

Not everyone could be crying or mad.

I looked around and saw the trees,

They willowy limbs fluttering in the breeze.

I saw the children running free,

Their happy hearts and shouts of glee.

I felt the sun bubble on my back,

Its warming gaze helped me forget the cracks.

The world no longer made me frown,

Existence didn't get me down.

Heading back home with a lighter heart,

I wondered how I could have ever wished to depart.

Walking past a man I heard him sigh,

Smile, I said as I walked on by.