I went to find a piece of mind, only to become lost.

In the back alleys of love and lust;

There is no light here, and barely hope.

I feel blind.

I tried to ease the pain of loss

In touch and sight

Of false love and promises of others.

Just like you, searching




Dying to find the right way

Dying to find the right one

Dying to find the right time

Dying to die…. alone

I'm still searching for piece of mind

Walking labyrinths to keep you off mine.

Finding solace in words of friends

New and old.

Comfort in the embrace of another,

Will never be that easy.

Never be as fulfilling.

But it's easing the empty feeling of loss

It's almost the love I'm dying for.

Maybe someday, I won't want to die for you.

There are too many here crowding these back alleys

Not enough light to guide them all.

I'll be okay

I'm used to it here

My eyes will adjust.

I always adjust.