"No!" Persephone cried as she slammed the door to her room.

She huffed, crossing her arms and leaned on the door to keep her mother, Demeter, out.

A loud hard pounding came from behind Persephone's head, "Persephone! You open this door right now!"



"I said no. What part of that don't you understand?!"

"It's not going to be that bad! It's just one date, you would be getting a perfect god for a husband with wonderful assets and reputation. It's a smart match, and you will come out of that room! He's almost here!" Demeter said in one breath, exasperated.

"I'm not going out with that despicable-"


"Well there's no way you could make me ever want that conceited, vain jerk!" Persephone sank to the floor in defiance.

"You count your blessings, the Fates didn't have to make you beautiful, they also didn't have to make that boy even acknowledge your existence! You ungrateful child! What would your father say?"

"I know what my step mother would say!"

"Hera is not in this discussion," Demeter snapped. "You know I do not like you even speaking to that dreadful woman!" She almost seemed a little hurt at her daughter's mentioning it.

There was a slight pause, Persephone sighed, "Look, I'm sorry," the stubbornness suddenly hit her again. "But there's no way I'm going!" Persephone's strawberry blonde curls bounced happily, contrasting to the mood, as she ran to her bed and hid under the covers.

Demeter had played her game for too long and with a frustrated huff, appeared in Persephone's room, past the locked threshold.

"Seph, please? Just this once? I really would love some grandchildren at this point. You know you should be already married off to some lucky god." Demeter sat on the bed and took off the covers to reveal a mess of curls disguising her daughter.

From outside, one could hear the heavy breathing of the sun god's fire horses in the distance.

"That must be him!" Demeter lifter the curtain of curls from Persephone's face lovingly, but quickly left the room, "Get up! Seph, you need to get ready!"

Persephone sighed, angrily, "I hate my life!"

Apollo wasn't an ugly god in fact he was gorgeous. With his short, wavy, golden blonde hair and his well built figure any young goddess would want him, except for Persephone. She absolutely despised him.

Well this is going to be loads of fun, Persephone thought sarcastically.

They walked out of Demeter's house and over to Apollo's fire horses. He held out a hand to help her onto the chariot but she ignored the hand and climbed in herself. Apollo shook his head at her stubbornness but she ignored that as well.

"How have you been lately, Sweetie?" he asked as he got in after her.

"Ugh, for the sixth billionth time, Apollo, don't call me that," she said irritably.

He simply nodded grabbing the reins, snapping them and the horses took off into the air. They were silent the rest of the ride down Mount Olympus . As they finally came to the picnic spot Persephone noticed someone in a seat with wheels coming over to them. Once the person was close enough, she saw that it was the god Hephaestus.

"Hephaestus, my friend, what brings you here?" Apollo asked before Persephone got the chance.

Hephaestus smile, his deformity rising with the swell of his cheeks. Persephone always loved sticking around him and confiding dark secrets to him while he would be welding or molding weapons and jewelry for the various gods and goddesses. He even let her tact out some of her father's thunderbolts.

"Good afternoon, Apollo. Have you heard the news? I would get that little lady home. Everyone has a restricting order from Zeus to remain on Mount Olympus ."

Before Apollo could respond, Persephone stepped out of the chariot, "What's wrong?"

Hephaestus sighed and tightened his grip on the wheels connecting to the chair/seat, "Something terrible. I don't know much, but Aphrodite mentioned Chaos and that means trouble."

Persephone cocked her head to the side, "Why? Is that bad?"

Apollo put his hand on her shoulder but was looking at Hephaestus, "Persephone, Chaos is over everything…he was before Cronus…he is the universe."

She frowned, "But-"

"If anything happens to Chaos, the universe, our world as we know it will go completely 'chaotic'. Chaos is what keeps everything orderly, without him, we are nothing." Apollo explained.

Persephone looked at her half-brother, Hephaestus, "So what does that have to do with us staying on Mount Olympus? My mother won't like it, she's in charge of the seasons and she's bonded with Gaia."

Hephaestus remained silent and let Apollo explain more, "If any God or Goddess creates trouble, it put strain on Chaos, to keep the earth moving as it should. When the gods and goddesses are retained, it aids Chaos in his already difficult task. As long as we are doing what we are supposed to and not interacting with humans, everything should work out. Hephaestus, did Aphrodite say what was wrong with Chaos?"

"I'm afraid so. Chaos is…dying. It was bound to happen, you know…but not even the Fates can help. Tomorrow, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are all calling a council for all to attend. What's worse, Gaia is trying to fill in for Chaos, she's growing terribly weak and now Zeus is helping her while Poseidon monitors over land and sea. It's just a big mess and if something doesn't happen soon, we'll all be out of luck." Hephaestus bowed his head, humbly. "Hades is negotiating the release of all Titans for their help."

Persephone got excited, "You mean…" she blushed bright red, "even Prometheus? Mother would tell me his heroic story, oh he was my…my-"

"You're what?" Apollo smiled, devilishly.

"My biggest…crush," she whispered it, barely audible.

Hephaestus smiled, "He was always the catch."

Apollo put his arm around Persephone and silently prodded her to get in the chariot. Persephone let him lead her willingly, still trying to think about it.

"Goodbye, Hephaestus!" Apollo smiled while Persephone let him support her weight.

"Apollo?" she asked, a little numb.

"Yes?" he steadied her waving form.

"Is everything gonna be okay? I'm frightened!"

"I hope so; Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon have never let us down before. I have no reason to believe that they won't try their hardest to not let us down again."


"Yeah, Sweetie?"

"Will we die?"



"Hades would roll over in a grave before he let any god or goddess slip between immortality to death," he explained.