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Dong Dong Dong

The nearby bells rang, i groaned and rolled over. "Samura get up it's seven " my mother called from down the stairs, groaning again i rolled out of bed and went over to open the shutters, the early morning sunlight blinding me; it was only seven and the lovely city of Barcelona was already sweltering. I stayed at the windows for a few minutes just watching the carriages go by and then went to wash my face, i then sat down at my vanity and continued to get ready; i was quite beautiful well, thats what people had told me anyway my hair was a glossy brown and curly, my eyes a warm brown with flecks of gold, my figure a perfect hour glass shape and my legs long smooth and tanned. I sighed and then made my way downstairs "Mother" I called no reply, i bent down to pick up the opened letters that had been placed on the floor and almost fainted when i saw one of them. Overdue rent i frowned, my mother wasnt collecting in the money fast enough,i dropped the letters and quickly ate my breakfast after which i ran out of the door.

I ran to my friend Joanies house but asked to see her father, he's the head butler at the palace he could get me a job there. I knocked on the door he opened almost at once, as soon as he saw me he grinned and said "Samura my girl, Joanie isnt home you know"

" I actually came to see you sir" i said "my mother is having trouble keeping up with the rent, so i want to know if you could get me a job as a maid at the palace" i puffed out.

"Well, as it happens there is a job opening for a maid but what do your parents think about this Sammy your only 16 you should be out enjoying yourself not cleaning" he said

"Please sir i'm begging you i need this job" I said putting on my puppy eyes, he sighed

"Alright i will ask but make sure you tell your mother" he said in a warning tone

"Thankyou sir"! i said before running off. I had to go and tell my mother.

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