Chapter 5

I have to admit I never intended to finish this story but after reading my readers reviews, I'm back for another chapter. So thank you to everyone who has read and reviewed this chapter is all for you.

Twisting my neck round to see what he was doing I saw his big rough Jesus Christ! Focus Samara focus! Hands perfectly poised in the air over my bottom. My eyes widened in horror as I realised what he was going to do and then




My eyes widened further and I jerked around like a fish trying to get away from the ruthless hand and the psychotic Prince it belonged to. Jerking up again the prince rolled his head back, closed his eyes and groaned, it was then I realised that he was enjoying my movements.

Cheeks burning with embarrassment I opened my mouth to scream for help when

"Aridos! Aridos bebe where are you dinners getting cold"

Sighing and picking me up gently in his arms and pressing me against the wall he ran his hand gently down my face, placed a kiss on the tip of one heaving breast and said

"Sorry my beauty but I have to leave now" smirking now he said "But I think I can trust you to be a good girl, but if you ever feel like being the least bit naughty you know where to find me".

Someone had to wipe that arrogant smirk off his no good face. Licking my lips and trailing a hand down his muscled, chiselled chest I smiled when his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Yes my handsome prince, I know where to find you."

Smirking again he caught my wandering hand and kissed my inner wrist gently.

"I knew you'd warm up to me."

"I certainly have my lord and like I said I know where to find you, in the pig sty with that whore of yours." I smiled sweetly, Samura 1 Spoilt brat 0.

The arrogant smirk gradually started to leave his face, he dropped my wrist and scowling pulled me closer to him. Our lips just a breath apart, his eyes travelled over my face, finally stopping on my lips.

"You should be careful what you say to me Samura, after all, I am a Prince and I always get what I want and right now... I want you." And with that he crushed his lips to mine, his tongue swept over my mouth and against my will I started to kiss back, our tongues battling for dominance. Eventually winning he nestled a hand in my dishevelled hair and forced my head back, deepening the kiss, while his hand continued to roam over body.

"Aridos!" A nasally voice screeched "Where are you?"

Pulling away and growling at the voice in the hallway, "Stupid bitch" he muttered. Looking at my flushed face and swollen lips one more time he smiled tenderly?

"I'll be seeing you later my darling" he whispered. Placing a lingering kiss on my cheek he let me go and gracefully strolled out of the door.

Slumping down to the ground all I could think of was his lips. Groaning, I stood up although my legs felt heavy and began to walk back to the kitchen to ask if I could go home.

"Oh god! His lips!" I cried.