Weak & Powerless

Weak & Powerless

Weak and Powerless

Never to be

Strong and powerful

Until seeking

Satisfaction of unification

Otherwise never

To be allotted

To be the

Strong and powerful

In time to save

Those in trust

Strong and powerful

Is those I oppose

Yet chosen have I

That of the

Weak and powerless

Chosen to become

And never to be


Nor to be


So that I roll

And hope

For the mercy

That can be

Only granted

I must change

If I am to

Help those

I love

And are

Trusted by

Or Else

They too

May become

Like me

Something that is

Shamed and beaten

And put into place

So that life spins

Without me.

Best to become

Strong and powerful

Not in heated times

But as an anchor

For those that need

The most from me

So that they can

Face they're

Demons and mares

That haunt both the

Strong and weak

Powerful and powerless