We're the driven, the ambitious, and the brave.
We're the ones who give more than we take.
We're the ones who go somewhere and do nothing, but have infinite stories to tell tomorrow.

We're not popular.
You probably don't talk about us all the time.
We're not celebrities,
You don't have posters of us on your wall.

But we don't care.
We live to laugh with one another.
To cheer each other up.
To achieve a dream.

We're the dreamers.
Our mind always in the clouds.
We know what we want.
We're determined to get it.

We're the unique.
We're not the same as you or him.
We do things our way, not the way that's in.
Our interests are different, our talents extraordinary.

We're the change,
The change this world needs.
Fresh minds, deep thinkers.
We know reality, and push for the better.

We're the unbreakable.
Our bond strong a tight, never a doubt.
We never fall apart.
We're the unbreakable, we simply fall into place.