Final Word

Aka Author's Notes

First, I want to thank you to those who reviewed and read CL. A great many of you lifted my spirits for days on ends with your words. You may not believe it, but I'd rush to my computer whenever I got the chance, just to see if someone shot me a comment. You all are aces!

Now, CL has come to an end. Or, at least, the first draft has. I will be taking a day or so off before getting to work on my favorite part of the writing process – editing. I'll post the second draft on here when it's done. Pinkie swear.

Then, after the first book is done and I'm ready to send it out to a publisher/agent, I'll get right to work on the second. Because, yes, there is going to be a second! I hope you didn't think I'd leave you in the lurch about El's father or who she ends up with in the end. Have some faith in me. : )

But for now, it's see you later.