This was yet another dream.

It's kind of like a real life people mixed with Harry Potter person(Dumbledore, he's the principal here) and with Zelda Wind Waker-ness. Blame my craziness. Anyway, the characters here are a bunch of 13 and 12 years old because we ARE 12 and 13...well I'm the 12 year old, the others are just months older than me.

Passiv y

Ironic insanity

Here I am in a dumb school that's suppose to be "private school" blech, private my ass! A school in the middle of the sea that's suppose to be a NORMAL academic school but the stupid principal changed it to a fishing school, well more like driving motorboats, predicting weather and go practice sailing any kind of vehicle for traveling in the sea.

And guess what? The principal chose to put the school in a island on the Bermudas, can you believe it? But the sea is pretty calm for some reason, it's awfully quite and somehow, it's so relaxing...too relaxing maybe. Maybe we've been sucked into another world but oh well. What can I do? Punch my dad and tell him to send me to another school?

Well, it's my first day here. No, not really, it's my second day but first day of class. The first day when I entered, they handed us 3 thick sheets, it was really soft and it was made of cotton then I entered my room and it was absolute luxury, furniture at a impossible price, king size bed, a neat restroom, and well you get it. Everything seems to be impossibly luxurious and seems to cost at a impossible price, ha. I bet that the principal made the teachers pay, after all. Back when it was still normal the teachers told us that they were the one that had to pay everything.

What a cheap skate...

But anyway, after the first day and the tour, it was time for class. I went inside my classroom, the room was...woody and ship-like, well somehow it felt like it was falling at one part and there was broken wood and water coming out of it like if the room was a broken ship and in a end of one room, there was glass for a wall, you could see the room that had water in it and some barrels and there was a small hole in the lower right bottom. Big enough for you to crawl in and get in the room. Then the good ol' psychologist entered, a pretty young guy with a beard and curly hair, he started working here last year back when things were still normal.

"Good morning." He said, everyone stood up next to their seat and said:

"Mornin' teacher." their voice were pretty dull, no one seemed to like the way our school was now.

"Sit down." Everyone sat down and took out a notebook.

"See the hole here?" He said, pointing at the hole in the glass "I don't want to see anyone in that room."

The bell rang and school was over, can you believe it? A class that only lasted one minute, literally.

The island was small and the school was big, it was a stone on water. The school was almost as big as the island which was more of a key, maybe. Outside was a beach, a small one, only sand and the manhole that leads to the sewer, 2 palms, and the vast silent ocean which is more like the dead sea or maybe more dead.

Since there's nothing to do, I just went to the sewers with my friends, Azael, Jesus, César, and Jorgeluis whom we call Jorge for short.

They all had a paint can to make graffiti on the sewer walls, as for me. I had always been the best behaving student and since I've kept that record for so many years, I didn't want to let it go to waste so I just leaned back and watched.

"Come here." Said César, he found a tunnel that no one knows where it leads and I hope that it doesn't lead to the principal's bathroom. He crawled inside so did everyone including me, of course.

The tunnel was tight and I felt suffocated with the water even thought it was so shallow. I guess it's the fact that the water may look clean but may not be water. I don't want to think about that.

Finally we finished crawling and we ended up inside of a cave but the exit wasn't far, you could see the vast ocean outside, anyway, the cave was VERY weird and I mean EXTREMELY weird. it is suppose to be a cave flooded with water but someone turned this place into a motorboat parking lot. It was a mini-harbor with 2 motorboats parked, one regular motorboat and one big motorboat with a canopy, it was one of those "Ultimate fashion" boats but it was really fast too but how does that help with fishing? It must be a teacher's since it's really expensive and it seems like only teachers like it but Azael was an exception.

His mouth was opened and put a hand on the boat, admiring the oh so great boat. Then I got a funny feeling.

"I think that we should get going before a teacher comes..." I crawled back into the tunnel and everyone followed me except Azael who was still worshipping the "Ultimate fashion super boat".

As we crawled, we ended up someplace else, the room that the psycologist forbidded us to enter.

We could see from the room that he was checking exams that he didn't give us, he was actually reading it, well the questions since there are no answer, there were 2 piles of exams, one that are full of zeroes because no one answered it of course, and the other one is un-checked.

I didn't take my eyes off the exams but the others were too busy with graffiti, then the psycologist was almost done.

"Guys! He's gonna turn around!" I warned in a low voice. I quickly crawled back in the tunnel so did the others, we went back for Azael who haven't moved a muscle nor breathed. I was amazed that his heart was still beating.

Suddenly a motor sound was heard, we turned outside and it was raining and Karen was sailing her motorboat.

Jesus took a step ahead and shouted:

"Goo Karen! WOOOOO!" And out of nowhere, a weird gorilla-like man came, he looked like the surfer guy from Donkey Kong since he was wearing a bandanna, a purple one, a pair of sunglasses, a shirt, and a pair of shorts.

He grabbed Karen and put her over his shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" She screamed at the top of her lungs. We just had our mouths hanged open till I snapped out of it and went outside for my boat, everyone else followed me except for Azael.

We all chased after her then Jorge caught Karen and pulled her into his boat.

"Are you okay?" He asked her, she trembled and sat down on the boat. Jorgeluis was still looking at her with concern while she trembled like a scared chihuahua pup.

Unfortunately, the kidnapper caught up and pushed Jorge, teaching him a lesson of never get distracted when driving. He put her over his shoulder again and Jorge chased after him after climbing back on his motorboat which stopped when he fell.

She kicked and screamed "Let me go!"

He dropped her and she grabbed on a ladder that was of a tower in the middle of the sea. She grabbed on ahold exactly the way a koala held a tree, water rised and splashed her face then it kept rising higher till it covered her head and down again.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" She kept on screaming. I reached for her and shouted "GRAB MY HAND!"

"NOOOOO!" Water splashed her face once more. I was late when I was turning back, the motorboats were quite fast so it would take me a while to get to her, hopefully the kidnapper wasn't no where near.

Meanwhile Azael, heard her shout so he jumped on the "great" motorboat that he worshipped and went for Karen.

The boat was fast, faster than a motorcycle. It was at a impossible speed and when he was about to pass by Karen, he pulled her roughly and into his boat, she didn't suffer damage thought. Amazing wasn't it? She was holding tight and he suddenly pulled her arm and he was on a boat that was at such high speed.

"Karen! Could you help me with the boat? It's too fast." Karen still trembled and her eyes were wide open. For some reason, she just stood up and took over instead of going crazier. Maybe she was sane inside, oh...this place seems to suck yet not suck our sanity at the same time.

We got back to the dorm and the kidnapper disappeared, maybe we were too fast.

But anyway, we gave our towel to Karen and took her to her room. My, the Bermudas weren't dangerous after all, it was more like ironic and unexplainable just like the mystery of the people that goes missing.

And as I was walking back to my room, tired from what happened today, more weird things had to happen. I thought that it was only weird outside. The teacher that owned the large motorboat, the psychologist, and some old man that I guess that it was the principal, were walking together then gave me a thumb up from afar in the hallway that crossed path with the direction I was going in.

I pretended that I did not see that and kept on walking till I saw Marcelo, a friend that I thought that had moved to another school, he was in a classroom sitting on the teacher's desk. The classroom was visible because it was should I say it? Window room, the room was like a window itself.

I entered without saying anything, I just stared at him.

"Hi! Look!" He showed me a photo of a man in his underwear. He was still immature, I slapped him and exited the room.

I was happy that he was back but I couldn't help but react angrily. I finally reached my room, went in, and thought about everything that had happened.


I would like to keep on studying here, I won't earn money since this place seemed like a jail. Even being outside, sailing around the whole day, I still felt trapped. I guess I got sucked into another dimension.

I would rot here since maybe this place is a prison in another dimension...meh...whatever.

My emotions have been drained, I could not feel anything but I would care.

This place somehow was making us insane but things were so calm that it was sane.

Argh...maybe I should go to sleep.

I woke up at midnight to get a glass of water and geez, unreasonable things still happen. I saw the principal that wore a dress with stars and the principal was a man. He had a long white beard that reached the floor just like his white hair.

He was walking with a pillow but he saw me and stopped. He stared into my eyes and said "Oh Maple! You've grown so tall!"

Then Adrian which was a prodigy here, he was four and yet he's in 8th grade.

"Oh Adrian, you're just 4 and you're here!" He yawned and laid down slowly with his pillow "I'm old, I can't keep on being awake wandering around the school like a ghost."

He closed his eyes and fell asleep immediately but shivered at the same time he snored. I went inside my room to grab a white blanket which a man gave me before I came here, he told me to use it when it was extremely cold but I didn't need it, it also made me think what happened to the old female principal...but who cares?

I just gave him the blanket but when I turned around, Adrian gave him 2 thick blankets. I looked at my white soft blanket without thinking and gave it to the principal. He looked so peaceful...

Well, tomorrow's a new day. I went back to my room and went to sleep but...

Hoo...what a weird day...

You know, the whole dream was water water water water and water.

Doesn't that makes you want to pee buddy? And the water was mooooving, floooowing etc. I guess you went to MissisiPEE many times XD

Lol I didn't have the need to pee and I didn't even wake up to I didn't wet the bed.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I changed some things.

The gorilla dude is actually just another student, punk student. But he was a good boat driver but he wanted to be the best and I don't remember that part so well so I made him a kidnapper. And the Marcelo part was actually before the kidnapping. And wrapping Karen in the towel and all the crap didn't happen, I just added it but the teacher giving thumbs up part did happen in the dream.

Man, the ending was so relaxing.

Edit: I've edited it! More description but I bet there are still grammar errors and run-ons...well whatever, I don't know where are they but I hope that the errors has lessened.