Raised By Wolves


You've heard of being 'raised by wolves'? It's just a saying, obviously. But whoever came up with it evidently had yet to have an encounter with the Sanders. Or, more specifically, the Sanders brothers. Four of them; Kevin, Devon, Michael, and Aaron Sanders. All very different, yet oddly similar. The four of them are ridiculously over-protective when it comes to me.

Hi, I'm Alexandra Sanders, better known as Alex—or, sometimes, Pup. Like a baby wolf. They call my brothers 'The Pack'; reasoning: they're the four star players on the soccer team, basketball team, football team, and hockey team. The four of them are…talented. They all play the same sports and are all on starting line-up. But each shines spectacularly in a different sport.

First off; Kevin, he's the eldest. By twenty minutes, though, so maybe it doesn't count. He's the point guard for the Trent Valley College Secondary School's basketball team. Life TVC's mascot—naturally, a wolf—he was big. He stood at 6'5''. Prized player, and heavily worshiped for it.

Devon; born four minutes and thirteen seconds after Kevin. He's the soccer team's striker. He was the first freshman to become striker in the school's history. The coach was gaping for a whole week after try-outs. It was an understatement to say that Devon held up the mascot's track-record. The boy was dead fast.

Michael. Born five minutes and forty-seven seconds after Devon. Quarterback. Need I say more? He was strong, not exactly burly, but built. Catching my drift about the whole 'Pack' scenario? He took out three players in one shot, once. And tackling isn't even his job.

Lastly, Aaron; precisely ten minutes younger than Michael. Apparently, there was something in the water my parents drank that resulted in multiple off-springs during one pregnancy. Anyway, as you may have guessed, Aaron plays center forward for the hockey team. He's the combination of speed, agility, strength, and grace. Though, I stick by my belief that I'm faster than all of them; minus Devon. It may have something to do with the fact I'm significantly smaller and lighter, but never mind that.

So, quick review, my brothers are 'The Pack', and I'm Pup. You're probably wondering what this has to do with being raised by wolves. You see, my father was a pothead and left us after my mother got pregnant with me. Mom died before delivering me, so they had to surgically remove me or I would've been a miscarriage.

We never speak of it, however, because, like it or not, I still blame myself for her death. Our aunt Genevieve took us in, we were grateful that she offered housing and food, but with all her jobs to support us, we never really saw her. So, we made the decision, once the quadruplets turned sixteen, we'd move out.

The four of them raised me while Aunt Genevieve did her best to support us; and they still are. They taught me all the important stuff, like how to devour those who try to prey on you. And that The Pack will beckon with one call.

Of course, needless to say, it is incredibly hard for me to get a date.

A/N: Yes, I know it's an extremely short prologue, but the first chapter will definitely be longer, I promise! Just let me know whether you think this is ACTUALLY worth reading with a review, please! :D