"Oh my god, who took my brush!" I heard the yell coming from down the hall in the bathroom. I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom to see my sister trying to comb her hair with her fingers.

"Lea, calm down it's right here," I said handing her the brush that was in the second drawer in the wooden side table next to the sink.

"Thanks Adrianna," I nodded and was about to walk out when Kaylee bumped into me. She sighed and mumbled a sorry walking into the bathroom and grabbing onto her toothbrush so she could brush her teeth.

"There are way too many people in this house, I tried using the bathroom upstairs before and when I was going to the bathroom Dylan walked right in and started to brush his teeth. I was like what the fuck asshole!" I laughed at my poor sister, but she was right there are too many people in this house. There are six children and they are all the same age. Yeah crazy, I know. We were born sextuplets eighteen years ago and life has been hectic ever since.

"That's gross, he's such a freak," Lea replied making a grimace on her face. Lea is the top girly girl in this house. She has the long luscious blond hair and green eyes that she got from our mother. During school she was loved by everyone and hated by everyone. She was the cheerleader at our high school for four years until we graduated last week.

"You're telling me." Kaylee is the jock out of the girls; she was captain of the softball team in high school and was the same at our old middle school. She is good at every sport that she plays and even loves to play football with the guys. When we were little she was always the one rolling in the mud and dragging the others with her.

I nodded agreeing as I leaned on the door frame. "You know how he is though, doesn't care what other people are doing just does what he wants." I don't know how you would describe me; I guess I'm just there. I wasn't the cheerleader at my school or the star player at the games. I just got through high school doing okay with grades and hanging with my friends. I'm told that I am the most rebellious out of the girls in the Hawthorne six as we were all called, but I never beat my brother Dylan at being the "troubled" kid. Dylan is the typical bad boy. He is into all kinds of things. Like getting tattoos and drinking which he has brought me into. He works at a tattoo shop and so he became friends with the tattoo artists. They give him tattoos as long as he pays and he doesn't need to get our parents permission. Sure my folks found out about them from when we go in our pool and they were beyond pisses. He got me one for my birthday last year and I got one on my lower back, my mom knows but dad doesn't. I don't want to be there when he finds out to. Now we can all get them I guess because were legal so it wouldn't matter as much now.

"Mom and dad should have listened to me when I told them we should have sold him," Kaylee continued.

I laughed and pushed myself from the wall, "Kay, you were like seven and didn't really mean it."

"Well now I do."

I decided to go back to my room and grab my cell phone. I walked through the small hall and into my room which was also small. My sisters and I live in the basement. The basement was always huge so my parents decided to re-do it and finish it. They have three bedrooms and a small bathroom put down there and also a little sitting room where my sisters and I bought a TV. Even thought the rooms are small its better then having to share bedrooms. My brothers all have there own rooms upstairs and there bigger but we opted for our own space away from the others. Our house has two floors and the basement so our friends like to say we have three floors. That's fine with me.

I grabbed my cell phone from my desk and looked in the mirror quickly. My hair comes to my shoulders and is pin straight, it's brown and goes good with my blue eyes which I get from my father. I was still wearing my pajamas that consisted of some sweat pants that has my high school logo on it. Also I was wearing a light green tank top. I took my hair and twisted it into a loose bun. Then I made my way up stairs. I walked into the kitchen and saw that my brothers were sitting at the table talking.

"Make us some food would ya," Dylan said over his shoulder and then turned back to the conversation. My two other brothers stayed silent and looked at me with amused grins. My parents were at work because it was summer and they still had to go to their jobs. Now that we sleep until like twelve so they have no one to feed them.

I glared and stopped in my tracks, "What am I your fucking slave? You have feet and hands so I think you're perfectly capable of getting up and making something for yourself." I walked to the fridge and got out two eggs.

"Whatever, I'm not that hungry anyway," he said with a matching glare and going back to a conversation. I decided to make some scrambled eggs and a piece of toast. When I was done making in I put it in a plate and sat at the table next to my brother Kayden. Kayden was the high school jock that played as quarter back on the football team. He is also a major ladies man and can make any girl swoon. At least that is what everyone tells me. To me he is just weird Kayden that burps in my face.

My brother Cory reached over to my plate and took my toast and shoved it into his mouth. "Cory! I made that for me!" He laughed and swallowed.

"Sorry sis." Cory is the guy that was all into his grades in school. Always studying and working to do better but he was far from a geek. He got along with all the popular kids like all of the Hawthorne six did. It was just that the most important thing on the mind was doing well for himself. Now he can get a free ride to Harvard on his scalar ship that he earned for next year. We're all proud of him.

"So you guy's, what are your plans for today?" I asked chewing on some eggs.

"Well some of the guys are coming over and were just chilling here I guess. And Mom and Dad are going to stay at Gladys's house for he night with a bunch of their friends so the guys are staying the night," Kayden told me.

Dylan looked straight at me, "and you better not say anything." I rolled my eyes.

"You know I never do."


So what are you and the girls doing?" Cory asked from his chair.

I shrugged, "Lea is going out with Ashton today and not getting back until late and Kaylee I think is hanging with some friends at the mall but will be back by like eight. And I have nothing to do," I finished.

"Why don't you hang out with Michelle, like have her over?" Kayden suggested.

"You just want her over because you miss her," I teased. They have been dating for a few months and are all lovey dovey with each other. She's my best friend so I know that she will be good to him and him the same to her.

We heard a door open and turned our heads to see Lea walking out of the basement doors. There was a corner in the kitchen that had the door that lead to our space and then had stairs going down.

As soon as my brothers saw her they all said at the same time, "no."

"What is wrong with this outfit?" She huffed.

"The skirt is way to short," Kayden said.

Cory nodded his head with agreement, "and the shirt comes way to low."

"And that white shirt is pretty much see through and we can see your hot pink lacy bra," Dylan ended.

"This is how all the girls you guys like dress," she defended herself.

"That's the problem; we know what guys think when they see that on a girl. Now go change." She screeched and tromped down the stairs to go and change. My brothers never let up on us. I'm surprised there cool with Lea's boyfriend Ashton. It did take them a long time to get used to him though because they hate when my sisters and I date.

"You guys need to loosen up on her, even though I agreed on that outfit change. Anyway who are you guys having over?" I asked.

"The usual, Joel Collin and Tallon, Mike can't make it tonight," Dylan answered.

Tallon Summerton. The hottest guy in the world, well at least to me. I have had a huge crush on this guy for years but he doesn't seem to now that I like him, nor does anyone else but Michelle and my sisters. The problem is that he is with my brothers all the time and so am I. So that's means I see him a lot. I have covered liking him by dating other people but I really like him.

"When are they coming?"

"They should be here in like a half hour." Oh my god I need to get ready. I quickly put my dish into the sink and went down to the basement. Luckily the bathroom was empty so I turned on the shower and got in. My shower took about a half hour so I knew the boys were probably upstairs and his friends were probably not here yet. I wrapped a towel around me and brushed my hair out in front of the mirror then I exited the bathroom and walked in the direction of the little sitting room. It was a nice size but not huge. Just big enough for two couches and a little room on the floor and a TV. My room was across from the sitting room so I walked into it but stopped. In the room were my brothers and his friends including Tallon. My eyes widened. The towel went to my upper things, it was in no way long.

"What are you guys doing in here?" I asked with embarrassment. My brother's friends were all staring at me with wide eyes.

"The TV upstairs is fuzzy for some reason so we came down here. God, stop staring at her like that," Dylan yelled.

I tightened the towel and made my way past the boys, my leg hit Tallon's and I mumbled a sorry with more embarrassment growing. When I got to my room I leaned on the door and listened to their conversation.

"Your sister is fucking hot!" I heard from Joel then I head a smack. "What! It's true."

"You guys even think about it you're dead, got that," Kayden replied. Joel is cute; he has short dirty blond hair and hazel eyes. He has had a crush on me since last year and has asked me out but I keep saying no to him. It pisses my brothers off all the time.

I walked away from the door and moved to the closet. I grabbed out some dark blue jeans, socks and a light blue tank top. Keeping it simple. I then got out my hair dryer and looked in the mirror as I dried it. I then took some clips and made a small bump in my hair. When that was done I put on some eyeliner and blush finishing with lip gloss. When I was done I checked the mirror and then walked out of my room. When I got to the sitting room I saw that they boys were just talking but it stopped when I came into view.

"Is lea still here?" I asked.

Cory nodded and then I walked across the room and to Lea's. "Kaylee's room now." She got up from the bed and followed me. When we got to Kaylee's room she was watching TV from her bed. I took a seat next to her and Lea sat on the other side.

"What's up?" she asked.

I sighed and fell back onto her bed letting my head hit the pillows. "Guess who is here."

She raised a curious eyebrow, "who?"


"Oh my god Adrianna, you need to make a move or something. Let him know you like him by body language." Lea suggested.

"Easy for you to say, you have all the good looks. I'll look so stupid doing that."

"No you won't, Lea is right. You need to do something. Who's here?"

"Joel, Collin and Tallon."

Lea thought for a moment. "Then wait for a moment when you two are alone and try talking to him."

"I don't know, maybe. But even if something happened you know how the boys are. They would never let us date no matter what," I replied.

"Well look at Kayden and Michelle. She's your best friend and he is dating her so it would have to be fair," Kaylee reasoned.

"Look nothing is going to happen so we don't even have to worry about it." I got up room the bed and waked out of the room. In the sitting room with the guys was Michelle. I looked at her confused.

"What are you doing here?" I asked sitting in the only spot left on the couch which happened to be next to Tallon and Joel. Joel smiled and Tallon gave a grin showing his dimples.

"Kayden invited me over saying that you wanted to call me up, so I just came." I looked at Kayden and he smiled.

"Cool, how nice of him." She nodded agreeing.

"Dude did you bring the beer?" Dylan asked Collin. I looked over and saw him nod.

"Yeah before coming in we stashed it in the garage in the fridge. Your parent's aren't coming home tonight right?" He asked making sure.

"Yeah there gone, brought there suitcases in the car." My parents work together because my dad is a doctor and mom is a nurse, they met at the hospital when they were in training.

"Good, that would be a hard one to explain."

"You guys are drinking tonight," Michelle asked. They nodded. "Just you guys?"

"Yeah I guess, unless some of Adrianna's friends come over," Kayden replied kissing her neck. I wrinkled my nose and turned my head at the sight.

"Maybe I'll have Tyran and Kelly over," I replied.

Collin smiled nodding," Kelly is hot!"

"She has a boyfriend, some college guy."


"And don't even think about Tyran, She mine," Dylan put out. They have been on off dating for some time and at the moment there together.

"Well at least there will be some sort of party going on, and some good drinks because whenever Tyran comes to a party she brings the hard stuff. I think that's why she and Dylan get along so well," Joel said from beside me.

"One of the perks." Ugh brothers.

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