"Adrianna, wake up come on." I rolled over in bed and tried to forget that someone was trying to wake me up. "Come on get up," I tiredly opened my eyes and looked to the clock before checking to see who was trying to wake me up. I was too tired to comprehend their voice.


"What the fu-" I stopped mid sentence to see none other then Tallon trying to wake me up. "What are you doing in here?" I asked scooting away from him.

"Look I needed to talk to you, I know what Mike said sounded really bad but you need to understand that I was younger and stupid when that happened. I learned for my mistake."

I scoffed and got off the bed and walked away from it, I couldn't stand being close to him. "Tallon that's not something that I can just forget, you can't just come in here and expect everything to be fine because you said you were young and stupid."

I sighed loudly and got up from kneeling on the floor by my bed. "Look I'm trying to apologize for something that I did, can't you just accept that?"

As he walked closer to me I looked to the door and saw that it was on his side of the room. He kept coming closer and I backed up to the wall. The room was pitch black but I could still see a look in his eyes.

"Look Tallon I think you should just leave, I really don't feel comfortable with you in here with me, how did you even get into the house? My brothers threw you out." He was now face to face with me. He was keeping his hands to himself but I still felt uncomfortable with him this close to me.

"I came through the busted window," he replied. Shit need to fix that. "And I'm not going anywhere until you talk to me," he said grabbing my arm.

"Tallon, I'm not kidding, now get out," I said forcefully. He didn't listen and I was starting to get scared. If I scream I know the guys will hear me there down here in the basement, they fell asleep watching a movie.

"Calm down Adrianna, I won't do anything to you," he promised but I couldn't trust him. He started to pull my arm to the bed. "Just sit down and talk to me."

I could now feel tears behind my eyes. I know he wasn't doing anything but he was till scaring me and I didn't know if I could trust him after hearing what he did.

"Stop let go," I yelled, "Dylan! Cory! Kayden! Someone help!" Tallon dropped my arm as my brothers ran in with Mike and Ashton. They all looked tired and sleepy but when they saw Mike they seems to turn that to being pissed. Mike saw the tears in my eyes and jumped over the bed and grabbed me into a hug.

"What the fuck are you doing here Tallon; I kicked you out for a reason!" Dylan yelled coming closer to him and backing him into a wall.

Tallon tripped back a little but tried to cover it up with puffing out his chest and standing face to face with my brother. "Look I didn't do anything to her I just wanted to talk."

Dylan shook his head and scoffed, "She's crying," he noted looking at my tear stained face. "How the fuck am I supposed to believe you?"

"Because I'm you fucking best friend," he yelled back.

"No I'm not friends with rapists!"

"I didn't rape that girl!"

"Yeah but if mike didn't walk in you probably would have, now get the fuck out of my house before I call the police for breaking in," Dylan spat at him.

"Whatever," Tallon said pushing past him. He looked towards me and shook his head, "This isn't over, and we still are going to talk."

Once he was out of the room Dylan came over along with my other brothers. "What did he do to you?" He asked forcefully.

"Nothing really," I shook my head; "I just got freaked and started to cry when he grabbed my arm. I'm sorry for worrying you."

"Don't apologize," he whispered as he grabbed me into a hug. "Whenever you feel uncomfortable because of a guy just call me, I don't care if it's because he looks at you and you don't feel right about it. That's what I'm here for."

After thanking my brothers and Ashton they left my room, Mike stayed behind though to talk with me. I closed the door that they left open and then took a seat next to Mike on the bed. He scooted closer to me and smiled whipping my face off.

"Why are you crying if he did nothing?" He asked taking one of my hands in his and interlacing our fingers.

"Hey you're not off the hook yet," I said motioning to our hands but let mine where it was. "And I really don't know. Something about him being here just freaked me out and I guess I was letting the tears go from the shock of what happened to. Like, as you know, I really liked him and then to find that out freaked me out a little," I explained.

He nodded and wrapped an arm around my shoulders, "I don't like to see you upset so please don't cry anymore."

"I'll try," I laughed.

"Well," he said standing up, "I just wanted to make sure if you were really ok and not just putting on a show for your brothers. So I guess I should go back."

"Wait," I said grabbing onto his arm and pulling him back over. "Can you stay here with me, please?" I asked and he looked to the door timidly.

"If your brothers see-"

"It's none of their business. And you would probably be sleeping on the floor in there anyway, am I right?"

He nodded and smiled, "yeah, I guess it wouldn't hurt."

I scooted over on my bed and got under the covers. Mike also pulled the covers over him and came closer to me. "Your room is so cold," he pointed out. He entangled our legs and brought me closer for warmth. I know I shouldn't have him sleeping in here. I'm still pissed at him, not much but still a little.

He's just so damn warm.

"Well it is the basement and the air conditioning down here is crazy." He Laughed and just rested his head next to mine. "night."



The next morning I woke up and Mike wasn't there anymore. I had a feeling he would leave before I got up, and my brothers so that they wouldn't freak out on him. There fine with me being with their friends now but I think they would have a problem if they found out he spent the night in my bed with me. I got up from the bed and pushed off the covers as I yawned and stretched my arms out. I checked the mirror and saw that my air was sticking up every which way. I quickly brushed it and threw on a Rutgers sweatshirt, then made my way out of me bedroom. I saw that most the boys were still sleeping but Dylan wasn't in there anymore. I brushed it off and walked to the kitchen to find my best friend and missing brother.

"What are you doing here so early?" I asked walking to the table and pouring myself some orange juice

"Well your brother offered to make me breakfast some I came over," she explained with a smile.

"Well isn't that just the cutest thing!" I laughed pinching Dylan's cheeks. I walked over to the fridge to find something to eat but was secretly watching them.

"Do you like it?" Dylan asked as Michelle took a bite of her poached eggs.

She smiled and swallowed. "It's great Dylan." Well they're boring, not talking about anything juicy, but I'll get them!

After grabbing something to eat I sat down and tried to eat without listening to them talk but they would sometimes bring me into the conversation and not leave me out.

The rest of the day went by with nothing extreme happening. Everyone just hung out over here but by later that night Dylan planned to have some fun. He and Mike set up some game downstairs and wouldn't let us come down until it was ready. They said everything would be fine tonight because our parents were staying at our aunt's house for the night.

"What do you think there doing?" I asked lying back on the couch, putting my head on a pillow that was resting on Cory's lap.

"I don't know," Michelle answered. "But I think its something that will be fin so don't worry."

"Guys come on," Dylan yelled. We stood up and walked down the stairs to see that beer pong was set up in the room. Oh god.

"Are you serious Dylan, last time mom and dad caught us drinking we were grounded and now your bringing it to the house again?" I scolded.

"Oh like you haven't drunk since we were caught."

"Shut up."

"Well come on who will be going against who first?" He asked, I raised my hand.

"I'll go too," Mike said coming forward.

"Ohh so I get to VS the all mighty Mikey," I teased smiling.

He glared with a smile, "you know I hate it when you call me that."

"Yeah so?" I asked and walked over to the table. He followed and we got started in the game. So the point of the game is to get your opponent to drink as many drinks as you make them by getting a ping pong ball in the cup. I know that I'm not really good at this game so I think that I'm going to lose. But there could still be hope because I heard that Mike isn't that good at the game either.

"Bring it on Anna banana," he smirked and then flicked my nose.

"You son of a-"

"Let the game begin!" Dylan yelled and threw a ball at my head. I glared and then picked a ping pong up then threw it at one of the eight cups. It landed in one in the middle.

"Of course you aim for the middle, that's the easy spot." After Mike finished complaining her threw a ball and got it in. As the game went on I ended up having to drink six cups of beer and Mike had to drink only two. So yeah he won.

The next pair to go was Michelle and Dylan. You could tell it was going to be a harsh game because the both of them are head set against loosing. Michelle and Dylan stepped up to the table, both smirking at each other.

"Oh look at the couple, they're going to kiss," Ashton laughed and gave Mike a high five. Whatever.

"Shut up," Lea scolded her boyfriend with a slap to the ribs. He smiled at her and then kissed her cheek so she would get off his case. She accepted the offer and moved closer to his side.

Michelle took hold of a ping pong and tossed it in the air, catching it on the way down. "Are you ready to get your ass kicked?"

He snorted and grabbed the ball away from her, "no I'm ready to kick your sorry ass." he threw the ball, deciding that he would be the first to go.

As the game got going it got to be intense. You would not think that a game of beer pong would get like that but it does. When the second game of the night came to an end Michelle ended up wining with having to drink only one cup. Dylan had to have seven. And my brother does not hold liquor well. He ended up being piss drunk after having to chug the drinks.

"Well look at that, I keep my crown as beer pong queen!" Michelle smiled and bowed as I clapped. Dylan staggered over and took a cup that he had finished off.

"And here's your crown" He stated putting it on top of her head. She shook it off and then walked up to me. "See I am still the champ." I rolled my eyes but laughed.

"Hey I want a drink," Mike said to me.

"Okay, go get one." He has been coming here since he was a kid; I know he knows where the drinks are.

"Um I don't think I can go alone. I just had some drinks and I might get lost or fall." What the hell? Now I know he just wants me to go with him.

"Alright come on," I grabbed his arm and led him up the stairs and to the kitchen. "Get your drink."

He dropped his arm from my grasp and pushed me back into the counter; I gave a confused look and was about to yell at him for pushing me but then his lips crashed onto mine.

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