New England Spring

The wind cultivates my mood

As it quivers the branches

Of the tree outside of my window

Gentle drops ambling down the pane

Grey skies so seamless and smooth

Send shivers down my back

Churning these waters once so calm

Turning me back

It's so easy to fall away

Onto those soft crumpled sheets

Where we tumbled and rolled

Exploring the limits of our trembling forms

Stroking your dark hair behind my white blinds

So no one could see

The wind would slowly seep through the cracks

Chilling our naked backs

Until we pulled up the blanket close

Shivering, holding each other near

Till our warmth filled the room

And brought our heavy eyes to sleep

Bringing upon dreams

Both to you and me

Of flying home, and gleaming eyes

Sunsets by the pier and warmth at night

Only possible through black pavement

And Californian sun

A mixture foreign to a place like this

Where bipolar gods dictate rain one day

And snow the next

With the sun enfeebled

Only poking out its sad flickering face

On those certain off days

When you really need it

Or you'd probably die

Keeping you barely alive

Until it's time again

To fly back home

And hate it all over again

So when I open my eyes

The darkness burning my sight

I'll look over at your soft face

Eyes closed, mouth slightly ajar

So far away

Kiss your nose, cheeks, and mouth

Rolling off the bed I'll mumble and groan

Fumbling for my clothes, dirty and worn

I'll put them on and organize my plans

And make my way out the door

So that I can get to wherever I'm going,

Wherever that is

Because you've still got time to sleep

I'll be back, don't worry about me

When you open your eyes, I'll be there

I won't leave.