The Hole

Because a lot of what's said
Might as well be put to bed
In the night of this fright,
Distraught fleeting glimpses of light

As it flirts into sight from edges on end
And so I send
My thoughts out to those who pray
A cognition to those who ultimately choose to speak their say

To end the ephemeral nymph's song
And to correct all of the world's little wrongs
Bring back the beat of the flow,
Like the river it shimmers and glows

And like everything else, we'll never really know
Why the rocks and bumps bubble the waters so
As they pass over the smooth surfaces and cracks
Reminding us of what we truly and simply lack,

An understanding of the arcane and beautiful,
Which calls whistles and pulls
So that we finally arrive
And for once feel truly alive,

But the fear is there,
it's very real the scare
And while my hair I'll tear,
One by one, the strands will burst into flames and there,

Will be the answer to it all,
Inside the fire, the Zoroastrian hall
To which I fall

Indefinitely at end
And once again
I end up right back in bed

Thinking of you and wishing I was not.