A Tribute to the Bathroom

A Tribute to the Bathroom

It wouldn't be a lie
If I claimed that
The only place left in my house
For me to run to

Was my bathroom

The white walls
Serve as a fortress
For me to hide in
When they won't stop


They nag at day
They nag at night
And when I'm feeling sad
I sit on the toilet in the yellow light

I never really have to go.
I just sit there and contemplate
So quiet
So nice

I can lie in my tub
No water
Just me
Dry, and quiet

I can think about whatever I like


I can shed my tears there,
Or my beloved bathroom can do that for me.
I hope earnestly that
The Hot water

Can wash away my fears
My tears
And the years
That I regret

As I flush the toilet
I drown out all the sounds
I just listen to that angry roar
And away go all my anxieties.

Like one big medicine cabinet
My bathroom takes away all the pain
And keeps me from going insane
I never want to leave

Hours in that yellow light
I start to wither away
But it's so much
Better than

Having to be...out there.

So this is an ode to my bathroom
A hymn of praise to my toilet
My tub
and My sink

For letting me
Drown myself
In the yellow light
Which surrounds me.