So tonight we shine
In the corner by the alley, so bright
The rustle and the blast
Of furnaces and at last

We're away from it all
The rumble reduced to a crawl
Up your spine, tingling your morality
Questioning the finality

Of this certain situation
Just like your vague predilection
So I run in my dreams upon sandy beaches
Yelling out names, stretching the reaches

Of my ability and mind
Asking you to be so kind as much to find
For me that perfect one
A cognate, so that I can cease to run

And settle down
My soul found
And since this world of ours runs circular
We're bound to find each other

Maybe we'll dash and collide
And our barriers will slide
Like alphabet soup or minds will mix
Writing poetry until we're quite sick

Of the words that spill from our mouths
And we'll put down this extra facade we never told each other about
Then it'll be true, I hope that's the way it is
Then I'll be true, I swear that's the truth of it

Or at least the jist, of this particular song
I've found that it's much to late to right these wrongs
But that's ok, because I've moved on
Supposedly so, and so I don

This airy mask to give the impression
That I'm hiding something, but here's my confession
There's nothing under this face for you to see
I'm one of those people who wears their heart on their sleeves

So read me, read me, read me
And take the effort please
To scar my mind and hurt my love
Wring my neck like a dove

A sacrifice to many gods
A pagan tradition to withold the rod
From the flesh of our own, so we sell others out
And watch in horror as they scream and shout

What have I done? What I have I done?
The questions flow, where am I from?
To search is to discover
To find is to recover

But to never see at all is to die
And so I have resolved to still fight
To ramble on and never hate
Because in my book it's never too late

To love, one another