It was forming, this creation of mine.

Rage overwhelmed me, pouring into and through me an unstoppable wave of fury. No, this rage wasn't something even the gods could handle, this rage was mine.

The hurt, sorrow, grief, sadness, envy, greed in me mixing together and wrapping itself around me in one monstrous form that began to control me. My very being was poisoned to the very core and I was rendered speechless. Rendered immobile, but a mere doll controlled by my own inner beast.

It was all their fault.

My so called mother who had whispered and complained about me to others, endlessly comparing me to others in a dark, hopeless light.

My not ever present father who had never taken the trouble to actually visit to see if I was alright; only for my dear sibling.

My sharp-tongued, hateful older sister, whose words were venomous, who ordered me about like a slave.

The old granny who had resided in the house next to us, abandoning me and going by herself into the release of Death's arms.

The cold-blooded assassin who was always there, behind every corner, watching me with those unhuman onyx eyes. I imagined they pitied me. A poor creature whose own lover feared her and desired to have her mercilessly killed.

It was all their fault that I'd turned into this creature.

This dispicable being that no longer felt any emotion.

No happiness, sadness, grief, hurt, hate, envy,, these were lost to me forever.

Yes, the grotesque truth was that It had taken me.

My very heart was now held in the hands of this beast-this creation of mine.

And I could do nothing, absolutely nothing, to stop it, to prevent it from obliviating everything.

Tears were now always creeping their way down my cheeks; yet frozen in my eyes. Their shine glazing my eyes and causing them to look like glass. But they reflected nothing. Showed nothing. They weren't cold, god forbid loving, not even transparent. No, they were just inhumanly dead, empty.

Help me, save me form this nightmare of mine.

Rescue me from the murky depths of my own hate and darkness...

Save me.

Help me.

Rescue me from this darkness of mine, dragging me further away from reality.

Save this helpless creature and rescue me from my own creation.

This creation of mine.