He looked into my eyes, "Princess, please don't ever leave my side. Don't take any risks, please."

I smiled a mischievious smile that hid a deep sorrow poisoning my soul. My gentle, iridescent blue eyes showing no hint of sadness, my head held up, and my unprincess-like, short, wavy auburn hair framing my proud face.

"Do not worry so much Christian. I will be fine. I am not so foolish as to put myself in danger during these kind of times."

He smiled, relief showing oh-so-plainly on his handsome face. With his light blond hair partly covering his honey brown eyes, he was truly a sight to see leading the second troop (out of eight troops) of the Royal Army.

I smile back in return, my best smile, and I hoped to God nothing showed through; that he wouldn't know what I would do to him, to everyone, to this kingdom of mine.

"Princess!" A desperate call interupted us and cut my precious time with him short. The few minutes of time I had with him was suddenly gone and I found myself numb to everything as I realized I wouldn't see him again. I couldn't-not when I knew that the reason for his forthcoming grief would be me.

As I snapped out of it and saw him walk away from me, I uttered just a few words before everything became black, before I let her take over.

"I love you, Christian...I'll miss you all, and...I'm sorry." Then, with those whispered words, the reign of chaos began.