The Silence that follows

Seth slammed his locker shut as the bell rang out across the school. He sighed, running a hand through his thick dark hair. New school, same old bell. He swore the government gave every school in America the same damn bell.

He had been here two days and already he had been accepted into a group. The boys wanted him to try out for the school football team. The girls in this school seemed to be ogling him constantly.

He started towards his first lesson, chemistry. Last time he had had to work by himself as his partner had been away. He hoped it was hot girl. Seth's grades were poor in that area. He knew that without help he was going to fail miserably.

"Hi Seth," a blonde girl greeted warmly as he strode past. She flashed him a white smile.

He nodded back. In his old school he wasn't so accepted. His reputation had plummeted as of late and he was thankful when his mum decided to move. Everyone was bustling around him, some giving him second glances.

This was his last year at the new school and luckily his mum had moved just in time to hit the first semester.

Seth turned into the lab, his eyes travelling to his area. A smile touched his lips, bingo. At his desk there was a girl resting there with her head buried in her arms. Her blonde hair was splayed out around her, coming to her shoulders in length. His eyes examined her further as he drew near his desk, the class starting to fill up.

The girl had a slender frame, showed by her tight jeans and jumper.

Before he could say hi, he was suddenly dragged back. Seth growled, tearing himself out of the person's grip. Spinning around, he saw it was David, one of his newfound friends.

"Listen Seth, don't waste your time with that faggot sitting next to you. Ignore him and you'll be safe," David warned grimly, releasing him to sit down at his desk.

The boy stood there for a few seconds, shock registering in his system. Seth pulled himself together and went over to his desk. There was no way that that girl was a boy…

He drew out the chair.

His partner jumped, gasping slightly. Seth came face to face with the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen in his life and they were full of confusion and fear. It was a guy. But it was the most feminine guy he had come across. Soft angles bless the other guys face, a soft angelic face. He was beautiful…if you could say that about a guy.

And that hair…his hands itched to run over it to see if it was as silky as it looked.

Seth drew his eyes away and sat down, David's words ringing in his head.

The teacher strode into the room, white lab coat whipping behind her. Alex celebrated inside his head. He had heard there was a new guy but never had he imagined him to be this hot. The boy had probably already been told to stay away from him. Now the teacher was here to stop the possible harassment that would come next.

He twirled a strand of his hair between his fingers, feeling so uncomfortable in the clothes he wore.

"Class, I want you to repeat yesterdays experiment with your partner. This time I want no messing about. First one to try and set someone's hair alight is in detention," Miss Clements snapped, cool eyes studying her class. The only thing he liked being a guy was not having PMS…

Shit. He had been ill these last couple of days, all because some bastard had spiked his drink on Saturday night. Thankfully Marcus the bartender had gone and told Cain. The Boss had gotten the man thrown out immediately.

Alex raised his hand meekly.

The teacher's eyes snapped towards him and lightened, a smile touching her lips. "Yes Alex?"

"I was away."

"Ah yes, your partner will help you. Seth was great at it the other day."

Even his voice sounded feminine. Seth really didn't know what to do with himself. David had told him not to talk to Alex but the teacher made it clear, that was not possible.

Everyone was getting the equipment. The other boy gracefully stood.

"If you want to do what's best for you, just write down what we have to do and we can go from there. They can't hurt you for that," Alex said to him lightly, keeping his voice down. He was well aware of the eyes on him and Seth.

Seth, given his reputation had been a loner so he knew what it was like to be him. But for someone to hurt whoever who talked to him was a whole new level…

"No, it's fine." Seth knew he was playing with fire but he didn't want to become the bully he had always fought against. He reached in his bag and fished out his notebook. "I'll get the equipment. You read up on my notes."

Alex's face opened up in surprise, his thin eyebrows rising. But he took the notebook without a word, trying to cut out everyone else. He sat down whilst Seth went and collected the needed equipment.

By them talking it would mean horrible consequences for the both of them. He could not afford to have any more bruises. Cain would get mad and threaten to kill whoever did it. The scary thing is, he could do that. He had many men at his beckoning.

He turned his attention to the book.

Seth returned quickly with everything, placing it on their desk. The boy was almost finished reading so he set it all up.

The begun the experiment silently, mixing the hydrochloric acid with the different metals, seeing how they reacted.

Alex couldn't help but look up at Seth. His arms were muscular, showed off nicely by his wife beater. The young man was built like he could fend off anyone. He was quite surprised that he hadn't started on the 'faggot' comments yet.

He met hazel eyes and quickly averted his gaze.

"You missed out the magnesium," Seth pointed out.

Alex silently put it in, watching the reaction fizzle.

"You know. I don't know why we even do this."

The long blonde haired boy's eyes flitted over to where David was. The jock was glaring at him. He returned his gaze to the new boy. "Look, please don't talk to me. We both don't need the consequences. At least try to hate me. It's a lot easy on the both of us."

Seth was taken aback by his chilly tone but one glance at David told the story. Alex didn't want to get hurt. He bowed his head and got on with the work. He didn't want anyone to get hurt. So for both their sakes, he would hate him.

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